Potent Loads is Coming April 22

Franklin and Coach Bruce in Potent Loads

Potent Loads is coming April 22 in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 443

Coach Bruce enjoys training the high school boys. A young man, fresh out of college, Coach Bruce could easily be their older brother.

Some coaches don’t like it when fathers show up to watch their sons practice on Saturdays. But Coach Bruce doesn’t mind. Even when every father thinks he is a better coach than him. And some yell out what he is doing wrong.

Coach Bruce has a blast getting his feet wet, learning how to coach the boys. He also has a blast eyeing the fathers who come to watch. Which one of those fathers has the best cock? The most potent load? Nothing gets Bruce’s balls churning like downing a load of cum packed with potent sperm.

Surely at least one of those fathers will be generous enough to let Coach Bruce sample his genes. But which father should he pursue?

He gets his hopes up when he hears Owen mention to the other lads in the locker room, that his dad, Franklin, walks around the house in just his briefs. Well, if a man does that, he doesn’t mind showing off his equipment, does he? And if a man enjoys other men looking at his package, what else will he let other men do?

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