Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 487

DBTN 487 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 487, released February 24, 2024. Subscriptions purchased in February 2024 include this issue.

  • Can Corey Suck It? • Dad discovers that his son, Corey, gets off watching young guys suck enormous cocks. Dad knows a guy at the gym with a really big one. A cock he likes to suck. But can Corey suck it?
  • Catalogue This? • The herbarium where Jarrod works acquires the world famous Torgolson Collection of mosses. So it is up to Jarrod and his hot assistant, Brad, to catalogue it. But Jarrod and Brad discover an item in late Professor Torgolson’s office. An item that gives them both throbbing boners.
  • What Kind of Trouble? • After spending much of the day in the hospital, worrying if his dad will make it, Billy is glad Uncle Alfred is with him. So when they leave the hospital, Billy asks Uncle Alfred, “Can I stay at your place tonight?” Billy knows Uncle Alfred often goes naked. So he tries it too. But Uncle Alfred reminds Billy that, “Boys can get into a lot of trouble showing off like that.”
  • Superior Maintenance • Rodney breaks the washing machine in his old brother’s frat house. He’s house sitting while the frat boys are off vacationing. And when the guy from Superior Maintenance shows up to fix it, Rodney notices the big tool in the guy’s trousers.
  • Terms of Service • Scott asks the AI bot his dad is testing very personal questions about sex. But he is terrified when the AI bot cancels his dad’s account. Scott’s violated the AI bot’s terms of service! So he contacts his dad’s hunky young boss for help.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 487 is by Michael Mitchell, Dick Wad, and Shigeru.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 486

DBTN 486 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 486, released February 17, 2024. Subscriptions purchased in February 2024 include this issue.

  • What Dad Won’t Teach Me • Lander’s dad teaches him every thing. He even taught him how to keep his foreskin clean. But there’s one thing his dad won’t teach him. However Lander finds another dad who loves teaching boys that thing.
  • View From Above • Themo loves living and working in the old city with its ancient houses and buildings going back to time immemorial. But he’s stunned when he installs a window in an old house close to his. The home owner shares a secret. There is a boy who climbs onto a sliver of a roof each afternoon at 3:10 to beat off. And when the home owner points out where the boy is jacking off, Themo sees that it is son, Zajaz!
  • View From Below • Zajaz lives to jack off. During last class at school he gets hard because he knows he will soon be home, jacking off. And he has a favorite spot. A tiny bit of roof just below his bedroom window. But one day he sees a white haired man watching him. And Zajaz loves jacking off for him. Until one day …
  • Don’t Let Them Run Over You • New teacher Dennis has it hard for the hot coach, Coach Thickman. But when he discovers that one of his students is Coach Thickman’s son, he is rattled.
  • Dog Park Dad • Carson needs some volunteer experience to beef up his college applications. He’d much rather be sucking cock in a sleazy restroom. But when he volunteers at the dog park, a man whose cock he often sucks, comes with his son and their dog.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 486 is by Shigeru, Master Bates, and Narov.

Kosuke and the Great Dane

DBT 13 review pages

In Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 13 you’ll find Kosuke and the Great Dane.

Lars groans when his cunt of a sister calls late at night. She only calls when she needs her little brother to make things all right.

The problem is she made an appointment with her bikini wax artist, Enrico. She forgot she has to pick up an exchange student at the same time. So could Lars pick him up for her?

Lars reluctantly agrees to pick up the exchange student, Kosuke Fukuda. What else can Lars do? His sister asks him to rescue her so often Lars thinks he should move to Denmark so she can’t bother him anymore.

The exchange student is surprised to see Lars at the airport. He was expecting to see a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Calero. But he is just as happy to see Lars, a 6 foot 5 inch hunk. The two do look like Kosuke and the Great Dane.

Lars takes Kosuke home so he can relax after the long flight from Japan. After the exchange student dozes off, Lars takes a beer and a sandwich out to the deck to get some sun. And since he always suns in the nude, he undresses and stretches out on a lawn chair.

Lars drapes his shorts over the side of his lawn chair so Kosuke can’t see that he is totally naked. But he doesn’t count on falling asleep. And when he wakes up, Kosuke is on the deck too, wearing just white briefs, and grinning.

Kosuke has a question for Lars. “Does your girlfriend have a big mouth?” he asks.

“What?” Lars asks. And Kosuke makes Lars laugh by stuffing his fist in his mouth and pumping it in and out of his mouth. Kosuke and the Great Dane are going to get along well. And you can read all about how well they get along in Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 13. Along with many other great stories.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 485

DBTN 485 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 485, released February 10, 2024. Subscriptions purchased in February 2024 include this issue.

  • NoFap • Grandpa is astonished when he learns that his grandson, Kibo, is caught up with a group of guys, NoFap, who are against masturbating! This calls for an intervention!
  • Fun, Scary Dad • Trent wishes he had a fun dad. His parents are boring statisticians who love numbers more than anything in the world. But Trent’s friend, Ben, has a fun dad. A real fun dad who wants a fun boy too.
  • Gaming Night by Madakou • Caleb is over at Leon’s place, gaming all night long. Leon’s dad, Theo, comes home. And he is hot, hot, hot and cool like Caleb’s friend, Jae says he is. How hot and cool is he? You’ve got to read it to believe it.
  • Who Is the Trespasser? • So which neighbor boy is sneaking into Peter’s camper to beat off? Peter aims the dash cam in the camper to the inside of the camper to find out.
  • Illicit Stranger • Sheriff Stan warns men of a clan gathered for a picnic in the park. He points to a distant men’s restroom and says, “We’ve had reports of illicit activities happening over there, so I’d keep an eye out on your sons if they venture over that way. I’d hate for any of them to become prey, if you know what I mean.” One of the clan boys overhears the Sheriff. He wants to know what the sheriff means by illicit activities. The sheriff shows him what he means.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 485 is by Madakou and Shigeru.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 484

DBTN Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 484, released February 3, 2024. Subscriptions purchased in February 2024 include this issue.

  • My Promotion • Dad is stoked about his new promotion to Vice President of the entire West Coast Division. And what does his son Clayton think about the promotion? Well, when Dad shows him his new, spacious office with a private bathroom and sauna, Clayton thinks it would be a great place to give Dad a blow job.
  • Dad Gets Slapped • When Branson has a beer with Dad in the beer garden, he’s stunned when a strange woman slaps Dad on the face. “You leave my husband alone!” she screams. What is that all about?
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun • Uncle Zwingli laughs inside when his older brothers come seeking help with their sons. Why are they coming to their cock-sucking younger brother for help with their boys?
  • He Needs This Fixed Too, Dad? • While meandering through the countryside, the engine warning light comes on. So Clay finds the nearest auto shop in a small town and runs into an old fuck buddy, Barny. And Barny’s young mechanic helper gets Clay’s balls in a twist.
  • Preserving Wild Nature • Randall is out exploring the abandoned rail line to see what it would take to turn it into a hiking/biking trail. For some reason his dad, an avid hiker and explorer, is against the idea. Why is that?

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 484 is by Lord Iron, Narov, and Shigeru.