Kosuke and the Great Dane

DBT 13 review pages

In Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 13 you’ll find Kosuke and the Great Dane.

Lars groans when his cunt of a sister calls late at night. She only calls when she needs her little brother to make things all right.

The problem is she made an appointment with her bikini wax artist, Enrico. She forgot she has to pick up an exchange student at the same time. So could Lars pick him up for her?

Lars reluctantly agrees to pick up the exchange student, Kosuke Fukuda. What else can Lars do? His sister asks him to rescue her so often Lars thinks he should move to Denmark so she can’t bother him anymore.

The exchange student is surprised to see Lars at the airport. He was expecting to see a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Calero. But he is just as happy to see Lars, a 6 foot 5 inch hunk. The two do look like Kosuke and the Great Dane.

Lars takes Kosuke home so he can relax after the long flight from Japan. After the exchange student dozes off, Lars takes a beer and a sandwich out to the deck to get some sun. And since he always suns in the nude, he undresses and stretches out on a lawn chair.

Lars drapes his shorts over the side of his lawn chair so Kosuke can’t see that he is totally naked. But he doesn’t count on falling asleep. And when he wakes up, Kosuke is on the deck too, wearing just white briefs, and grinning.

Kosuke has a question for Lars. “Does your girlfriend have a big mouth?” he asks.

“What?” Lars asks. And Kosuke makes Lars laugh by stuffing his fist in his mouth and pumping it in and out of his mouth. Kosuke and the Great Dane are going to get along well. And you can read all about how well they get along in Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 13. Along with many other great stories.