Kosuke and the Great Dane

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 13 page 22

In Kosuke and the Great Dane, Lars sees that it is his sister calling late Friday night. The only reason she could be calling so late is that she is desperate and needs her little brother to make it right. Lars almost doesn’t answer. She bothers him so much that Lars changed her name in his contacts to “The Cunt.” So when the phone rang and he saw “The Cunt” in big letters on his phone, he knew it was her.

She needs Lars to pick up the exchange student she promised to pick up at the airport. She can’t make it because she managed to get an appointment with Enrico, a bikini wax artists who is impossible to get.

You might think Lars is an asshole for putting up with his sister. That he should tell her to mind her own business. But he is too sweet to say no.

The exchange student from Japan, Kosuke Fukuda, is surprised to see Lars instead of the couple who promised to pick him up. But Lars assures him that he will see them on Monday. In the meantime, he will stay with him.

Kosuke is thrilled when he finds out that Lars has an “open car,” a convertible. And he enjoys the beautiful scenery on Skyline Drive and along the windy road to Lars’s place in La Honda.

But Kosuke is even more thrilled when he wakes up from a nap and finds the big Dane sunbathing naked.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 13 page 24

Enjoy this great story about big Lars and exchange student Kosuke. And the many other stories in Dad’s Bedtime Tale vol 13.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 431

DBTN 431 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 431, released January 28, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in January 2023 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Night Games • Wendell’s parents don’t approve when he goes out late to practice shooting hoops with his older cousin, Kyle. They say he is bad seed. But Wendell doesn’t care. Wendell loves the thrill Kyle gives him.
  • Is He Still a Virgin? • When his brother asks if his son, Hank, is still a virgin, it makes Amos think. How could his thirty year old son still be a virgin? But the signs indicate he is. So should he do something about it? And if so, what?
  • Post Workout by Madakou • Jeremy resolves to get in shape like his dad and older brother. But those two seem reluctant to let him work out with them. Why is that? Jeremy gets a clue when he catches them in the shower together.
  • What’s It Mean When? • Weed asks Uncle Ralph what it means when a guy rubs his basket while he’s talking to you. “If a guy does that, Weed, it means he wants you to suck his dick,” Uncle Ralph says. The guy rubbing himself is the cop across the street. Does he really want Weed to suck his dick?
  • He Wants to Suck Your Dick • When Hal visits Jack at Jack’s new place in the country, he notices the cute, muscular neighbor boy eyeing Jack. He tells Jack, “He wants to suck your dick.” But Jack scoffs at the idea. What would the boy’s dad do if he found out?

Artists in DBTN 431

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 431 is by Madakou, Michael Mitchell, and Narov.

Dad, My Cup’s Too Small • by Lord Iron

Page 206 of Handjobs Anthology 34

In Dad, My Cup’s Too Small by Lord Iron in Handjobs Anthology 34, Julio is glad that his son, Alex, trusts him. Alex knows that he can talk to his dad about anything. Even show him that he has outgrown his protector cup.

And when Julio examines his son’s protector cup, he’s proud that his son needs a man-size one. And to be sure what size his son needs, Julio has to do a thorough inspection.

Dad pulls down his son’s soccer shorts. The plastic protector can’t begin to contain his son’s equipment. Alex’s fleshy cock and balls are wedged in uncomfortably. They bulge out the sides.

Alex wonders, “Do I even need to wear one?”

Julio tells his son, “You’re old enough to decide that for yourself, son – but personally, I’d recommend it. A hard enough kick down there and I might never become a grandfather.”

Alex giggles. “Ah, I’ve been kicked there before, and I just take it like a man. But it’s cool, Dad – I’ll wear a cup if you want me to. But I definitely need a bigger one.”

But how does Julio react when his son’s cock responds to their conversation and snakes out? Find out what Julio does with his son’s boner, and enjoy the many other stories in Handjobs Anthology 34 – the stories from our January through June 2005 issues of Handjobs Magazine.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 430

DBTN 430 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 430, released January 21, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in January 2023 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Dad’s Big Boy • When Aunt Maureen comes to visit, Dad has to use the same bathroom as his son, BB does. BB’s real name is Mark. But ever since Dad walked in on him beating off, Dad calls him, BB, short for Big Bog. So what will Dad see when he and BB share the same bathroom?
  • Dad’s Big Fat Lie • Davey discovers that Dad’s stories about volunteering upriver to count salmon are a big lie. Hot ranger, Bruce tells him that when he comes to school to give a presentation. And he tells Davey how they really count salmon. So why is Dad lying?
  • A Heads Up • Dad has to give hot ranger, Bruce, a heads up when he suspects that his son, Davey, knows that he and Bruce get it on. And when Dad takes Davey upriver to “count salmon” will Bruce be waiting for them?
  • Son, Get Your Butt Home • James hates going hom. But Dad tells him to get his butt home to see Grandma Olivia while she is still alive. James refuses to spend the night at home. But when he goes visit an old bath house, he’s blown over to find his uncles and dad having a good time there.
  • Yellowstone Man • Everyone thinks Sy is a good boy. But he’s not. The only reason he takes old Mrs. Guggen’s dog, Benji, for walks is so he can meet men. And he’s looking for one special man in particular, Yellowstone Man.

Artists in DBTN 430

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 430 is by Shigeru, dv dickie, and Narov.

Cockerville High – The Secret from Handjobs Anthology 9

The Secret from Handjobs Anthology 9, page 91

In Cockerville High – The Secret in Handjobs Anthology 9, two high school boys can’t believe their luck. After pulling a prank in the middle of the night at high school, one of them sneaks back home by going through his brother’s bedroom window.

And in his older brother’s bedroom he discovers a magazine full of pictures of naked guys getting it on.

When the two buddies meet at school the next day, they can’t wait until they can check out the magazine together.

The Secret from Handjobs Anthology 9, page 93.

But trouble lurks at school. The shop teacher, Mr. Thompson, discovers the two boys checking out the dirty magazine behind the gym.

The boys are terrified. Their knees shake. They drop the magazine which Mr. Thompson picks up. He shoves the magazine into his coat, grabs the boys by their necks, and drags them into the basement of the shop room.

“Well, are you two boys going to confess to what you did last night?” Mr. Thompson yells at them. He saw them sneaking around the high school during the night. He knows they are the ones who pulled the prank.

“Please don’t tell,” the boys plead. Mr. Thompson can be mean, but not nearly as mean as their dads.

So Mr. Thompson comes up with a way the boys can keep their secret. Learn how the boys get to keep their secret, and enjoy the many other stories in Handjobs Anthology 9 – the stories from our early 1996 issues of Handjobs Magazine.

For those of you with mailing addresses in the USA, you can order the printed version of Handjobs Anthology 9 here: Order Printed Handjobs Anthology 9