Kosuke and the Great Dane

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 13 page 22

In Kosuke and the Great Dane, Lars sees that it is his sister calling late Friday night. The only reason she could be calling so late is that she is desperate and needs her little brother to make it right. Lars almost doesn’t answer. She bothers him so much that Lars changed her name in his contacts to “The Cunt.” So when the phone rang and he saw “The Cunt” in big letters on his phone, he knew it was her.

She needs Lars to pick up the exchange student she promised to pick up at the airport. She can’t make it because she managed to get an appointment with Enrico, a bikini wax artists who is impossible to get.

You might think Lars is an asshole for putting up with his sister. That he should tell her to mind her own business. But he is too sweet to say no.

The exchange student from Japan, Kosuke Fukuda, is surprised to see Lars instead of the couple who promised to pick him up. But Lars assures him that he will see them on Monday. In the meantime, he will stay with him.

Kosuke is thrilled when he finds out that Lars has an “open car,” a convertible. And he enjoys the beautiful scenery on Skyline Drive and along the windy road to Lars’s place in La Honda.

But Kosuke is even more thrilled when he wakes up from a nap and finds the big Dane sunbathing naked.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 13 page 24

Enjoy this great story about big Lars and exchange student Kosuke. And the many other stories in Dad’s Bedtime Tale vol 13.