Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 496

DBTN 496 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 496, released April 27, 2024. Subscriptions purchased in April 2024 include this issue.

  • I Can Share • Sebastian is furious. He discovers Dad is getting it on with his teacher Mr. Bayzak! The teacher Sebastian wants all to himself. But can Sebastian learn that it’s better to share?
  • Quite the Neighbor • Dad and son discover that the old house behind them is gone! Soon someone builds a new house. It’s a new neighbor. But the new house has a view of their hot tub, a secret place Dad and son enjoy. However, the new neighbor gets off watching them.
  • Gaming Night by Madakou • The conclusion of the series from DBTN 485 and 490 Hot dad Theo enjoys watching the boys battle it out to see who gets dibs on him.
  • I Like My Bush • Chip comes home in a funk. “What’s with him?” Uncle Stan asks his older brother, Robert. But Robert doesn’t have a clue. Maybe Uncle Robert can figure out what is bothering his nephew.
  • Naked Golf With Our Dads • Haydn and Jeff have no idea what kind of golf course their dads want to take them too. But it doesn’t take long once they arrive for them to find out.

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 496 is by Madakou and dv dickie.

Michael Mitchell vol 5

Michael Mitchell vol 5 review pages

Michael Mitchell vol 5 is here. This is our fifth volume of his work. Michael Mitchell has been creating art for us since 2000. This volume of ninety-eight illustrations is a collection of the art he made for the 2017 through 2020 issues of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters.

The illustrations in this volume are the ones he made for the following stories:

  • Spankin’ It Series
  • I Don’t Wanna Forget
  • Thanks, Dad, I Owe You
  • Biker Butt
  • Half as Bad as Dad
  • Bounce
  • Dad, I Didn’t Mean To
  • Trouble in the Dojo
  • It’s Too Natural
  • Ride ’em Both
  • Shear Talent
  • Uncle Harvey’s Real Thing
  • It’s Dangerous Out There
  • Pain in the Ass
  • Tahiti in Queens
  • Ho! Ho! Ho!
  • This Is Why They Made These
  • Go, Co, Dad
  • A Step Too Far
  • Private Detail
  • Not My First
  • The Pledge
  • Which Hole?
  • Where To, Boss?
  • Making a Champion
  • Summer Fun with Dad
  • Hot Locomotive
  • Doc, You Gotta Help Me
  • Opening Up
  • Flat at Night
  • Taxes Can Wait
  • World’s Greatest Dad
  • Back Seats in the House
  • How Else Am I Gonna Find Out Stuff?
  • Dad’s Biggest Fan
  • Pork Sandwich
  • Did He Treat You Right?
  • Big Foot Needs a Tight Hole
  • Starfleet Captain PB
  • Dad Warned Me About You
  • Passing the Drug Test
  • Big Mouth, Little Butt
  • The View’s Better Up Here
  • It It Any Good?
  • Magic Bubbles
  • Light and Shadows
  • The Gladiator
  • Can You See Me Now?
  • Santa’s Little Helper
Michael Mitchell vol 5 review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 495

DBTN 495 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 495, released April 20, 2024. Subscriptions purchased in April 2024 include this issue.

  • Earth Daddy’s Fat One • Bernard loves working in his garden naked. So he is surprised when a strapping young man knocks on his door and asks if he has any work for him. “Dad says you have a huge garden, more than you can handle by yourself. Even a few hours a week would be great.” Who is this boy?
  • Start at the Bottom • When he has no luck finding a job, Gordon’s dad offers him a job in his company. “Sure, I can give you a job, but you’ll have to start at the bottom like everyone else.” Little does Gordon know how hard working at the bottom is.
  • Uncle Allen Teaches Me How to Fly • Bruce knows he will need to fly a lot on his own at his new job. It makes him nervous. But Uncle Allen flies all the time on business. He will show him the ropes. As well as the benefits of arriving at the airport. And how to handle fellow fliers who spread their legs and show off big baskets in the waiting area.
  • Memoir of a Librarian • His professor encourages Unax to look for new ideas in the library. But Unax discover much more than new ideas in the quiet library. He discovers a daring professor who enjoys eating ass and fucking boys in the library.
  • I Know What Dad is Thinking • Xabi’s fingers tingle when he gets Dad to try on the brainwave interpreting earbuds when they workout. Xabi’s lab has worked for decades to perfect the earbuds which interpret what a person things and imagines. So what goes through his mind when Dad works out with his son?

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 495 is by Michael Mitchell, Narov, and shigeru .

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 494

DBTN 494 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 494, released April 13, 2024. Subscriptions purchased in April 2024 include this issue.

  • A Rolex for the Chaperon • Dad is adamant that his son, Cliff, not auction himself off at a charity event. The event is at an exclusive men’s private club. What is a man who ‘buys’ his son at an auction expecting in return?
  • Theo’s Green Thumb • Master Gardener, Theo, knows there is something familiar about Mr. Handman’s backyard. In any case, Theo looks forward to maintaining the yard. It isn’t until he gets home and watches one of his favorite porn videos that he remembers. The boy jacking off in the video is Mr. Handman’s son! The video was shot in Mr. Handman’s backyard!
  • Shadows In the Night • A fierce storm in the mountains in the middle of the night forces our traveler to seek shelter in a monastery clinging to a cliff. Safe from the howling winds and crackling lightning, he falls asleep in a small cell. But soft moans coming from a neighboring cell wake him up.
  • No Mess on a Rainy Day • Dad can’t understand how Sandy, his son, can say he is bored. He is a man, right? And there is always one toy a man can play with when there is nothing else to do. Maybe Sandy needs a reminder.
  • In the Dark • Five years ago when he was still in junior high, Nate told his dad how cool it would be to go to see the eclipse in 2024. “It’s going to be on my birthday in 2024,” Nate tells him. But Dad just nods his head. Is he even listening? “I bet jacking off and cumming during a total eclipse would be out of this world, right?” But Dad just says, “Uh huh.” He’s not listening. But Dad did hear his son. And five years later he has a big surprise for Nate.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 494 is by Shigeru and Master Bates.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 493

DBTN 493 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 493, released April 6, 2024. Subscriptions purchased in April 2024 include this issue.

  • Dad, When Can We Go Camping? • Dad gets nervous when he comes home and sees his son, Walter, pitching their tent in the backyard. Dad and Walter go camping a lot once winter is over. But the last time they went camping, in the middle of the night, Walter reached over and felt Dad’s boner. What is his son going to try to do with his body the next time they go camping?
  • The Dispensary • Teacher Davis discovers that one of his students lets older men suck him off. Evidently the boy’s cum rejuvenates older guys’ balls. Can that really be true?
  • Career Day • Jack’s friend Barney got to suck off a high school boy when he visited Barney’s factory for Career Day. And when Jack gets home, he discovers that his son visited a factory for Career Day. What are the odds that his pal Barney sucked off his son?
  • I’ll Pollinate Him • Farmer Tim knows it is time his son Amos got laid. But how can he make sure that happens? Fellow farmer MacHenry knows a beekeeper who can do that, pollinate his son.
  • Learning How It All Works • After seeing how happy the beekeeper made his son, farmer Tim is curious just how pollinating boys actually works.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 493 is by Shigeru, dv dickie, and Narov.