Michael Mitchell vol 5 • 2017-2020


Michael Mitchell volume 5 contains the 98 illustrations Michael Mitchell made for the 2017 through 2020 Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters issues.


Michael Mitchell vol 5 review pages

Michael Mitchell vol 5 is our fifth collection of Michael Mitchell’s art. Michael Mitchell has been contributing art for Handjobs publications since 2000. This is a collection of the 98 illustrations of his that appeared in our 2017 through 2020 issues of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters. The illustrations in the collection are illustrations from these stories:

  • Spankin’ It Series
  • I Don’t Wanna Forget
  • Thanks, Dad, I Owe You
  • Biker Butt
  • Half as Bad as Dad
  • Bounce
  • Dad, I Didn’t Mean To
  • Trouble in the Dojo
  • It’s Too Natural
  • Ride ’em Both
  • Shear Talent
  • Uncle Harvey’s Real Thing
  • It’s Dangerous Out There
  • Pain in the Ass
  • Tahiti in Queens
  • Ho! Ho! Ho!
  • This Is Why They Made These
  • Go, Co, Dad
  • A Step Too Far
  • Private Detail
  • Not My First
  • The Pledge
  • Which Hole?
  • Where To, Boss?
  • Making a Champion
  • Summer Fun with Dad
  • Hot Locomotive
  • Doc, You Gotta Help Me
  • Opening Up
  • Flat at Night
  • Taxes Can Wait
  • World’s Greatest Dad
  • Back Seats in the House
  • How Else Am I Gonna Find Out Stuff?
  • Dad’s Biggest Fan
  • Pork Sandwich
  • Did He Treat You Right?
  • Big Foot Needs a Tight Hole
  • Starfleet Captain PB
  • Dad Warned Me About You
  • Passing the Drug Test
  • Big Mouth, Little Butt
  • The View’s Better Up Here
  • It It Any Good?
  • Magic Bubbles
  • Light and Shadows
  • The Gladiator
  • Can You See Me Now?
  • Santa’s Little Helper

Michael Mitchel vol 5 review pages

Michael Mitchell vol 5 is 112 MB. It is only available as a download.

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