Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 429

DBTN 429 Review pages.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 429, released January 14, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in January 2023 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • How Do You Do It, Dad? • Ben convinces Dad to let him move into the new house before it is finished. But when Dad checks in one evening to see how his son is doing, he stops his son. “I know what you’re doing, son. But why are you pounding it so hard? You’ll wear it out banging it like that, son,” Dad says. So Ben asks, “How do you do it, Dad?”
  • I Have a Cock and a Tight Butthole • Chip’s uncle Garth shows up at the wedding as it is underway. At the reception, Chip’s mother sees smooth Uncle Garth dancing and says, “Elaine would be perfect for him.” To which Dad hisses underneath his breath, “Oh, does she have a cock and a tight butthole?” Dad and Chip share a quiet laugh. But Chip thinks, I have a cock and a tight butthole.
  • Some Things You Can’t Explain Away • Justin wants to ask Dad a sex question. But he fears that Dad will not only answer the question, he’ll get naked and demonstrate it too. But what if Mom walks in on him and Dad naked with Dad’s fingers up his butthole? Dad won’t be able to explain that. However, when Mom flies off to the Bahamas for a two week vacation, Justin gets his chance to ask Dad.
  • You’ve Got Needs, Son • Hard working Damon, flies off to assist the company’s booth at a trade show. Rufus, a seasoned pro, overseas the booth. And he realizes that Damon works too hard. He helps the young man take care of all his needs.
  • Ride Into Town • Farmer Joe’s son, Will, needs a ride into town to go to the game. Gabe, the service man taking care of Joe’s farm equipment, offers to take the boy into town. But on the way, he senses that the boy wants more than anything for Gabe to service his private equipment.

Artists in DBTN 429

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 429 is by Shigeru, Dick Wad, and Narov.

Hair and Sunscreen from Rolando 2009

Cover of Rolando 2009

In Hair and Sunscreen in Rolando 2009, while walking along the beach, our boy notices a man scratching himself.

“Sir, is something itching you down there? Be careful, someone might think you’re looking for some fun,” he says.

The man grins. Looking for fun is precisely what he is doing. Hand from the way the boy looks at him, the boy likes a lot of hair on a man.

Rolando 2009 page 41

And when the man helps himself to the boy’s dick, the boy cries out, “Oh, yes! Sir, that feels so good!” The two have a lot of fun sharing their bodies and tasting each other.

Rolando 2009 page 51.

But the man is in for a surprise. Not only does the boy like sucking cock too, he notices the man’s hairy ass. And he fingers it.

“What the fuck…?? Hey, what are you…? OH!!”

The boy knows just what to do with a man’s hairy butt. He stuffs it with his cock and delivers the goods.

But the man is stunned to discover that the boy knows him. The boy knows his name is Mr. Hanson. His wife is good friends with the boy’s mother. And now the boy wants to introduce him to his hunky cousin, Alfred!

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Corrick’s Special Training from Handjobs Anthology 24

Handjobs Anthology 24 cover

In Corrick’s Special Training in Handjobs Anthology 24, Corrick is skittish about discovering the results from yesterday’s wrestling team tryouts. He doesn’t believe he has a chance to make it onto the team. He’s certain that snotty Tommy Boozman is going to make fun of him because he failed to get on the team.

But on the bulletin board, in big bold letters, it says, Wrestling Team Tryout Results. Corrick can’t believe his eyes. The name at the top of the list is Corrick Vanderhoff! He made it! He is on the wrestling team! Snotty Tommy Boozman can’t make fun of him!

And Coach Warrick wants to start one-on-one practice right away. So to help him train the boys, Coach brought professional wrestler, Meat, to school.

Corrick’s Special Training from Anthology 24 page 113.

When Coach introduces Corrick to Meat, he yanks off Corrick’s shirt, and opens his jeans. This way, Meat can see just how much good material Corrick has.

Meat runs his hands over Corrick’s chest and arms. “Nic pecs and good biceps too,” Meat notes.

So just what kind of special training is Meat going to give Corrick?

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Some Things You Can’t Explain Away is coming January 14

Dad answering Justin’s question.

Some Things You Can’t Explain Away is coming January 14, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 429.

Justin is dying to ask Dad a question … a sex question. However when Dad answers a question like that, he likes to demonstrate what he means. “The best way to learn is by doing,” is what Dad always says.

However, Justin is afraid if Dad answers his question, he will get them both in trouble. Dad is good at explaining things away. He is good at lying. Or as he likes to say, “I don’t lie. I just convince your mother to believe a different version of events.”

But if Mom shows up when Dad and Justin are naked with Dad’s fingers in Justin’s butt, there is no way Dad will be able to explain that away.

So Justin bides his time until Mom flies off to the Bahamas for a two week vacation with her sisters.

Dad and Justin take her to the airport. And they park nearby to watch the planes take off and land. Dad doesn’t head on home, until he knows for sure her plane is up in the sky and not coming back.

Only then does Dad turn to Justin and say, “So what is it you’ve been dying to ask me the last few weeks?”

So Dad knows he’s been wanting to ask him a sex question all along. Justin can’t wait to get home so Dad can explain it all to him.

And what question does Justin have for his Dad? And why does he think the answer involves Dad shoving fingers up his butt?

Read Some Things You Can’t Explain Away in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 429, coming January 14, 2023, to find out.

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Nephew’s Ticklish Balls from Handjobs Anthology 20

Handjobs Anthology 20 page 19.

In Handjobs Anthology 20, Uncle isn’t about to settle down and get married. He loves dick too much. And he sure loves riding around on his Hog. He discovers that farm boys crave a big man’s hand on their butt. All you have to do is throw them on a Hog, yank their pants down, and they turn into begging little sex toys.

But one day he discovers that his nephew, Biff, gets a hard on when he rides his uncle’s Hog. Uncle’s hands fall into his nephew’s lap. And each time he squeezes the boy’s crotch, it gets harder and harder.

Handjobs Anthology 20 page 20.

Uncle squeezes Biff so much that by the time they get back to Uncle’s garage, Biff has a big wet spot.

Uncle can’t wait to get his nephew naked. And when Uncle strips his nephew and nuzzles Biff’s balls with his mustache, he discovers that the boy has ticklish balls. “Stop! Stop!“ Biff pleads. “It tickles!”

But Uncle isn’t about to stop tickling his nephew or stop playing with his ticklish balls.

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