Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 428

Dad’s Bedtime Tales 428 review pages.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 428, released January 7, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in January 2023 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • A Butt Too Small • Mr. Richards frets when the customs officer tells him to step aside. He takes Mr. Richards down long hallways and into a small room. Why is Mr. Richards worried? Could it be the compact silicone butt he has in his suitcase?
  • What Won’t Dad Do? • Dad has no regrets about making porn films in his youth. In fact he still helps out his director friend from way back then. But when he goes to help the director screen a new actor, Dad tries to stay cool when he sees that the new actor is his son.
  • Moving Home • Adult children moving back home happens all the time. But parents moving back in with a child. How often does that happen? So when Stephen’s dad and his husband move back in temporarily, can Stephen keep his dick in his pants? Dad’s husband is smoking hot.
  • Drippy Dads • “What the hell did you do?“ Dad yells when he finds out his son, Mustang, tests his DNA to look for his birth mother. Mustang doesn’t find Dad’s birth mother. But he does find a brother in Finland, Jukka. And Jukka has a son, Paavo. And how did Mustang collect Dad’s DNA? Well, he ran a swap through the fresh cum Dad left in a sock. Dad drips a lot. What about his brother, Jukka? Is he a drippy dad too?
  • Out of Our Jurisdiction • The software which decides where the cops on bicycles go, sends officers Ralph and Huxley up to Ridge Line Park. Well, the trail on the ridge marks the city limits. So what the guys behind the boulders are doing on the other side of the trail are outside city limits. And out of their jurisdiction. So Ralph and Hux can’t do anything about those guys sucking dick out in the open. Or can they?

Artists in DBTN 428

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 428 is by Shigeru, dv dickie, and Narov.

Spunk Bucket from Handjobs Anthology 37

Handjobs Anthology 37 page 42.

In Handjobs Anthology 37, good client, Mr. Gonzales, doesn’t know what to do about his son, Ramon. In one of his son’s email he saw the term spunk bucket. He asks his lawyer if he knows what that means? He’s worried that his son is out of control. And he wants to make sure his son doesn’t get some girl pregnant.

Mr. Gonzales might not be well versed in how to look for things online. But his lawyer is. And when he finds the boy’s online profile, he grins when he sees a nasty photo of Ramon’s butt. And the boy mentions, “I want to be a spunk bucket for an experienced, older man.”

Well, the lawyer knows what Ramon wants. And he sure wants to feel his cock digging into Ramon’s butt and making a hefty contribution.

Handjobs Anthology 37 page 43.

Mr. Gonzales asks his lawyer, “Anyway, if you happen to run into Ramon, mind probing him a bit and find out what he’s up to?”

So the lawyer goes to speak with the boy so he can probe his butt. And he squeezes his thigh. “Your father worries about you, Ramon. Seems he saw your ‘spunk bucket’ e-mail to me and wants to be sure you don’t get some girl pregnant.”

Get Handjobs Anthology 37 and enjoy Spunk Bucket, and all the other stories in this 330 page anthology.