Cockerville High – The Secret from Handjobs Anthology 9

The Secret from Handjobs Anthology 9, page 91

In Cockerville High – The Secret in Handjobs Anthology 9, two high school boys can’t believe their luck. After pulling a prank in the middle of the night at high school, one of them sneaks back home by going through his brother’s bedroom window.

And in his older brother’s bedroom he discovers a magazine full of pictures of naked guys getting it on.

When the two buddies meet at school the next day, they can’t wait until they can check out the magazine together.

The Secret from Handjobs Anthology 9, page 93.

But trouble lurks at school. The shop teacher, Mr. Thompson, discovers the two boys checking out the dirty magazine behind the gym.

The boys are terrified. Their knees shake. They drop the magazine which Mr. Thompson picks up. He shoves the magazine into his coat, grabs the boys by their necks, and drags them into the basement of the shop room.

“Well, are you two boys going to confess to what you did last night?” Mr. Thompson yells at them. He saw them sneaking around the high school during the night. He knows they are the ones who pulled the prank.

“Please don’t tell,” the boys plead. Mr. Thompson can be mean, but not nearly as mean as their dads.

So Mr. Thompson comes up with a way the boys can keep their secret. Learn how the boys get to keep their secret, and enjoy the many other stories in Handjobs Anthology 9 – the stories from our early 1996 issues of Handjobs Magazine.

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