Dad, My Cup’s Too Small • by Lord Iron

Page 206 of Handjobs Anthology 34

In Dad, My Cup’s Too Small by Lord Iron in Handjobs Anthology 34, Julio is glad that his son, Alex, trusts him. Alex knows that he can talk to his dad about anything. Even show him that he has outgrown his protector cup.

And when Julio examines his son’s protector cup, he’s proud that his son needs a man-size one. And to be sure what size his son needs, Julio has to do a thorough inspection.

Dad pulls down his son’s soccer shorts. The plastic protector can’t begin to contain his son’s equipment. Alex’s fleshy cock and balls are wedged in uncomfortably. They bulge out the sides.

Alex wonders, “Do I even need to wear one?”

Julio tells his son, “You’re old enough to decide that for yourself, son – but personally, I’d recommend it. A hard enough kick down there and I might never become a grandfather.”

Alex giggles. “Ah, I’ve been kicked there before, and I just take it like a man. But it’s cool, Dad – I’ll wear a cup if you want me to. But I definitely need a bigger one.”

But how does Julio react when his son’s cock responds to their conversation and snakes out? Find out what Julio does with his son’s boner, and enjoy the many other stories in Handjobs Anthology 34 – the stories from our January through June 2005 issues of Handjobs Magazine.