Madakou vol 1 – 2019~2020


Madakou vol 1 – 2019~2020 is our first collection of Madakou’s comics. This collection contains Madakou’s comics from the 2019 and 2020 issues of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters.

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Madakou Vol 1 review pages

Madakou volume 1 – 2019~2020 is our first collection of Madakou comics. We’re elated to publish this first collection of his comics. This collection contains all the comics he created for our 2019 and 2020 issues of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters.

The comics in this collection are:

  • Mutual Feelings • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 250. Victor Thorn can’t stop thinking about how Dad’s cock must taste. Nor can he imagine that his dad shares similar thoughts.
  • Training ’Lil Chen • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 253. Coach knows that just ’cause a guy is short doesn’t mean he can’t be a great basketball player. So of course he does all he can to train ’lil Chen.
  • Zahar Becomes a Man • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 256. Zahar is tired of being treated like a boy. As far as he is concerned, he is a man.
  • Cleaning David • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 262, 267, 271, and 275. Daniel feels so alone living with his single mother. But he discovers her hot boyfriend sleeping on the couch, alone. So he makes a move.
  • Daddy Sitting • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 280, 284, 288, and 295. Of course Javier helps his good friend, Rochelle, babysit. But Javier forgot how handsome her husband is. So baby sitting turns into daddy sitting.
  • Discovering My Son • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 298, 302, and 306. Dad is glad to find a job for his lazy son, Tony, working for the neighbor. But Dad can’t imagine how that turns out.
  • Slutty Demon King • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 310. A slutty demon king meets his match with a horny demon slayer.
  • Holiday Wet Dreams • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 315 and 319. Todd takes his son, Tony to Europe to visit David, Tony’s godfather. Since David has a son too, the two dads and two sons get cozy.

It’s been a joy putting together this first collection of Madakou comics from Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter. You’ll find more of his work on his Patreon page:

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