Mutual Feelings in Madakou Volume 1

Son Victor and dad Jack beat off thinking about each other.

Mutual Feelings is one of the many comics in Madakou Volume 1, the first collection of Madakou’s comics from the 2021 issues of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters.

Victor Thorn can’t stop thinking about his dad’s cock. He jacks off thinking about it every day.

Jack Thorn gets hard eyeing his son’s tight butt.

At the same time, Jack Thorn gets raging boners when he sees his son prancing around in nothing but his briefs. His dick even drools thinking what it would be like to shove his face between his son’s muscular thighs. Or what his fingertip would feel if he ever touched his son’s soft, pink hole.

So do Victor and Jack have any idea they share mutual feelings for each other? Do they have a clue they jack off thinking about each other, often at the same time in their own bedrooms? Read Mutual Feelings in Madakou Vol 1 to find out.

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You can also read Mutual Feelings in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 250.