Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 12

Cover of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 12

Every Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume is full of great stories to read. One in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 12, that will make your cock shoot cum is Dad, Is It OK If ….

When Joel asks Dad if he can go spend the night with his friend, Jimmy, Dad gets suspicious. His son has been spending too many nights with Jimmy lately. And what is in the bag that his son is carrying?

Joel gets nervous when Dad demands to see the contents of the bag. The boy has a right to be nervous. Dad is about to discover the toy dick his best friend gave him.

Page 15 from Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 12

When Dad demands that Joel give him the bag, Dad says, “Now hand it over, Joel. Come on, son. Now let’s see. Hmm, toothbrush. Good to see you’re keeping your teeth clean. Pajama bottoms. Hmm … what’s this? My, my, my. What do we have here? What is this, son? Care to explain?”
“It’s … uh, Dad, it’s not mine. It’s Jimmy’s.”
“Really. Now why would he give you something like this?”
“What was that, son? Cat got your tongue?”
“I just wanted to try it out, Dad.”
“Speak louder son. I can barely hear you, son.”
“I just wanted to try it out, Dad.”
“And did you, son?”
“What, son?”
“Yes, Dad.”
“Go to your room, Joel. We need to have a talk.”
“Dad, please! Just let me go over to Jimmy’s. I promised him I’d take it back tonight.”
“Go to your room, son.”
“Do I need to show this to your mother?”
“Go to your room, son.”
“OK, Dad.”

And what happens next? Plenty. And your dick and balls will want you to read it to them.

In addition to Dad, Is It OK If …, there are many other cum blasting stories to savor in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 12.