Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 303


Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 303 – The August 15, 2020, issue. Stories with art by Uncle Allen, Master Bates, and Narov.


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Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 303, released August 15, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during August. Stories in this issue are:

  • Look for the White and Blue Flag • Reporter Terrence, the new reporter for the Dimble County Gazette is in the town diner, chatting with the Sheriff Harvey. The sheriff shares a good tip on where Terrence can get some stories for the Gazette. Buck Lutzhorn. Last year when he was a senior, Buck led his team all the way to a state championship. According to the Sheriff, “Buck got his boys to go all out for him on the team by promising them a blowjob each time they caught one of his passes and scored a touchdown. And if that touchdown won the game, he’d let them fuck his tight ass.” This Buck sure sounds like a promising lead.
  • Is This Key Yours? • Jarod learns that his best friend’s older brother, Brant, likes to stuff his big thing up a guy’s butt. At least that’s what his friend swears. But what excuse can Jarod give for visiting Brant? A lost key is the answer.
  • Curing the Masturbating King • We are no longer ruled by kings and nobles. But back in the day, when kings were all powerful, what did you do when your king kept playing with himself all day long? How did you cure that?
  • Thumper • Everyone at the dinner table laughed when Russell reveals that his boyhood nickname was “Thumper”. Russell’s a new hire at the company. Clarence is twenty years his senior. So what happens when Clarence excuses himself to use the restroom and Thumper tags along. Read DBTN 303 to find out.
  • Careless • Bob is snipping his laurel hedge early in the morning. Everyone in the neighborhood is asleep. Except for hunky MacPhree, the retired football player, out for a morning jog. He stops by to chat with Bob. But when the two of them hear sounds coming from Jordy’s bedroom, well, they both need to see what Bob’s son is doing. It sure sounds like he’s playing with himself. Is he?


Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 303 is by Narov, Master Bates, and Uncle Allen.

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