Men by Roger (download)


This book is a download collection of 90 of Roger’s incomparable illustrations of hairy, well-endowed, virile men. Few artists capture the beauty of raw, male sexuality like Roger.

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Cover and review pages

Men by Roger (download) is a collection of art by London artist, Roger. He is famous for his erotic depictions of hairy, well-endowed, virile men. He is one of the preeminent artists of raw, mail sexuality. Roger created nearly 400 illustrations for Handjobs publications. This book is a collection of 90 of those illustrations.

You’ll find illustrations of hairy men proudly displaying their endowments. Men sharing their magnificent members with hungry lads. And groups of men celebrating their manhoods.

In addition to Handjobs publications, Roger’s work has also appeared in Advocate Men. And in the Gay Kama Sutra by Colin Spencer.

Men by Roger contains 90 of Roger’s illustrations. It is a download 16.8 MB. 85 of the illustrations are black and white. Five are in color.

You will find illustrations of policemen and soldiers and sailors showing off. There are park rangers having fun with naked hikers. Glorious scenes of guys doing what guys do in public restrooms. Businessmen getting pleasured. Farmers and ranchers taking breaks to get off. Construction workers getting relief. And more.

It was published in 2005.

The ISBN is 978-1-886458-53-6.

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