Roger Books

Our Roger books are now in our online store. For many years Roger created incomparable art of hairy, well-endowed, virile men. He made nearly four hundred works of art for our publications.

Cover and review pages

Handjobs Presents Roger

In 2001 we published our first book devoted to Roger’s art, Handjobs Presents Roger. This was a softcover book of seventeen stories with 47 of his illustrations. We sold out of the printed version sometime ago.

Stories of a horny landscaper, a priests with confessions, and a teacher leading his honor students astray, and many others, give hours of fun.

You’ll find the download version in our online store.

Cover and review pages of Men by Roger

Men by Roger

Another of our Roger books, in 2005 we published a hardcover book, Men by Roger, a collection of 90 of Roger‘s illustrations. For those of you in the USA, we still have the hardcover edition in stock, and you can purchase it here: Men by Roger (hardcover edition). Place it on your coffee table. It is bound to start many a pleasant conversation.

If you live outside the USA or prefer a download version, you’ll find it here: Men by Roger (download edition).

There are no stories in this collection, just great art. You will find illustrations of policemen and soldiers and sailors showing off. There are park rangers having fun with naked hikers. Glorious scenes of guys doing what guys do in public restrooms. Businessmen getting pleasured. Farmers and ranchers taking breaks to get off. Construction workers getting relief. And more.

Both of these books are sure to delight. A male admirer’s library isn’t complete without them.