Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 305

DBTN 305 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 305, released August 29, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during August 2020.

Stories in DBTN 305

Trip to the NYC YMCA • Lucas is thrilled when Dad comes home with plane tickets for a trip to NYC, and Uncle Tom is going too! The three sure know how to get happy together. But how happy are they going to be staying at the YMCA? Read DBTN 305 to find out. Because who knew the YMCA could be so much fun?
Maximizing Muscles • Winston discovers he can make decent money tutoring kids in the evening. But he doesn’t plan on encountering a man like Cody, Steven’s dad. So when Cody, a personal trainer, makes an offer, “How about you consider exchanging an hour of tutoring my son with an hour of me tutoring your muscles?” Can Winston refuse?
How Big a Hole Can I Drill? • Huguito wonders how Dad always knows when he is playing with himself. Dad yells for him to come downstairs when he is having fun in bed. But Huguito isn’t expecting to run into tall Taladro standing next to Dad. Taladro is helping Dad with a big project. Huguito can’t keep his minds off Taladro’s big project. Can he keep his hands off Taladro? The answer is in DBTN 305.
I Would Have Sex With Him • Dad shows Wendel an article of a professor caught fooling around with his students. But Wendel sees how good looking the professor is. He suggests that the students were the ones going after the professor.
This Changes Things • Jefferson and his buddies find an odd contraption inside ol’ man Carson’s play room. It’s a pillory used in medieval times to punish criminals. Jefferson puts his hands and neck in the pillory to test it out. But his buddies run off when ol’ man Carson investigates what is going on. “Hmm, this changes things, don’t it, Jefferson?” Carson says as he feels Jefferson’s bare buns.

Art in DBTN 305

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 305 is by Rolando Mérida, Master Bates, and Narov.

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