Josman 2003


Josman 2003 is a collection of ten comics Josman made for Handjobs Magazine in 2003. Few artists capture the love a son can feel like Josman.

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Josman 2003 (download) is a collection of comics Josman created for Handjobs Magazine during 2003.

Stories in Josman 2003 are

  • The Night Visitor • A son dreams every night that his father visits him in his bedroom, late at night, and fulfills his deep desires.
  • The Log Cabin • Dad loves the trips he and his son make to the cabin in the fall. All alone for a week, far away from the womenfolk, it’s perfect for him and his to bond.
  • Foreman Joe • During summer break, Kyle gets a construction job with his dad’s company. But it’s the hung foreman, Joe, who shows Kyle who is really the boss.
  • Private Lessons • Eric’s grades dive. So Mr. Cooper shows up to tutor him. But something distracts him. Could it be good-looking Mr. Cooper? Read Josman 2003 to find out.
  • Caught in the Act • Dad is suspicious when it gets very quiet in his son, Gary’s room. Gary’s best friend isover, but they are making very little noise. Could they be doing what Dad thinks they are doing?
  • Naughty Boy • Bradley gets into a heap of trouble when he neglects his chores. So when he gives lip to Dad, there are consequences. Bradley tries to apologize when Dad yanked his shorts down and swats his bare butt. But it’s too late for that.
  • Wet in the Woods • Brothers Pete and Dewey get thirsty on their long hike in the woods. They have no idea a ranger is watching the boys. When he sees how Pete is quenching Dewey’s thirst, he steps out of the shadows to help quench Dewey’s thirst too.
  • Cellmates • Martinez gets horny lying in his jail cell. Fellow prisoner Kowalski offers to relief his pressure. In exchange for taking care of Martinez’s needs, Martinez is going to have to put out too.
  • Hot Stepdad • What do you do when you have a hot stepdad and he asks you to massage his back? What do you do when you’re massaging your hot stepdad and he doesn’t resist when you pull off his shorts? What do you do when your hot stepdad let’s you spread his meaty butt cheeks and inspect his gorgeous hole? What do you do?
  • Twins • Coach gets boned watching the Chen twins, Sean and Kenny wrestle. When they rip their singlets off, Coach just has to stroke his bone.

Josman 2003 is 64 pages of pure delight. If you enjoy this Josman collection, you’ll love Josman 2004