Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 7


This download book contains 21 hot stories we posted on our original website from Jan 2005 to Mar 2006. 226 pages with art by Josman, Rolando, and Valentine


Review Pages of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 7

Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 7 contains the stories we posted in the Dad’s Bedtime Tales section of our original website from January 24, 2005 through March 28, 2006. Among the stories is one where Ronny meets his girlfriend’s father, and is intimidated when he takes Ronny aside so he can examine him to find out what his daughter would smell like if Ronny ever did her.

Starting in November 2014, we put new stories in our weekly Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters. Every Saturday we publish a new Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter with five stories and illustrations. A six month subscription to these weekly Newsletters, 26 issues in all, is $75.

Stories in this Dad’s Bedtime Tales volume are:

  • Caught by Coach Meinhold
  • Stay Over at Graham’s
  • Taking Care of Needs
  • Checking My Older Brother’s Sperm
  • Inheriting the Gift
  • Summer Basketball
  • First Time
  • The Wood Carvers
  • No Pussy Today
  • House for Sale
  • Patrick’s Home Runs
  • Pastor Murphy’s Temptations
  • Party Dad
  • Trick or Treat
  • Dad’s Fat Lie
  • The Naughty Present
  • The Breadman
  • Eric Finds Out
  • The Snowplow Driver
  • The Confessional at Blessed Virgin

Artists used in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 7 are:

Josman, Rolando Mérida, and Valentine.

This is the download version. The printed version is no longer available.

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