Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 10


This download book contains 27 hot stories we posted on our original website from Mar 2008 to Apr 2009. 226 pages with art by Josman, Bruno, and Roger.


Review pages of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 10

Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 10 contains the stories we posted in the Dad’s Bedtime Tales section of our original website from March 1, 2008 through April 4, 2009.

Starting in November 2014, we put new stories in our weekly Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters. Every Saturday we publish a new Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter with five stories and illustrations. A six month subscription to these weekly Newsletters, 26 issues in all, is $75.

Stories in Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 10 are:

  • Iced Tea
  • Getting Ready for St. Paddy’s
  • Can’t Say it Bothered Me
  • Shooting Straight
  • Slave Master
  • It Was Just a Touch
  • Uncle Seymour’s Visit
  • Dad’s Fat Surprise
  • Dying of Thirst
  • Helping the Groom
  • Antonio’s Summer Diary
  • Curious, That’s All
  • Working on “Sam”
  • Whiskey Bend
  • Sunday Morning Hardon
  • Scout’s Honor
  • Graffiti Buster
  • Filling the Void
  • The Visit
  • Making Do
  • Sunday Mornings with Dad
  • In the Dog House
  • How Do They Work, Dad?
  • Helping Out
  • Where Are the Boys?
  • The Bet
  • Prom Night

Artists used Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 10 are:

Josman, Bruno B., and Roger.

This is the download version. The printed version is no longer available.

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