Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 8


This download book contains 16 hot stories we posted on our original website from Apr 2006 to Feb 2007. 226 pages with art by Josman, Ian Hanks, Roger, and Roscoe.


Review pages of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 8

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 8 contains the stories we posted in the Dad’s Bedtime Tales section of our original website from April 5, 2006 through February 27, 2007.

Stories in this Dad’s Bedtime Tales volume are:

  • Conscripted • The saga of Benji, who dreamed of spending the summer having fun. But Dad has other ideas. He “volunteers” Benji to fix the trails at the church’s summer camp. Benji and his fellow conscripts learn all about filling holes during the summer.
  • Flying Alone • Dad convinces Mom that Robby is a big boy who can fly alone when they learn their flight is overbooked and someone has to fly all by himself. Just how big a boy is Robby?
  • The Start of Summer • The start of summer means coaching baseball. Every summer there is one eager baseball player with eyes on more than just the baseball. This summer it is Nelson who has a big smile for Coach.
  • Dad’s Accident • The doctor senses there is a special connection between Jeff and his dad who is recovering in the hospital.
  • Wednesday Night Specials • Years of marriage have dimmed the spark. But Dad discovers other men like him, men who enjoy each other’s company.
  • St. Mary’s By the Lake • Stefan swears it was just an accident. The Monk’s at the summer camp aren’t so sure. They grab Stefan and Bryan and drag them into a secrete room in the chapel. The two won’t get out until they confess.
  • Working with Dad • Kevin gets hot and bothered helping his Dad build a workshop for a client. It’s the client who appears wearing very little that gets Kevin all worked up.
  • Halloween Secrets • Everyone has secrets. The one big Mr. Weston keeps from his wife is the one about Andrew, the young man who mows their lawn.
  • Pastor Haggerdick “Cures” Temptation • Pastor Haggerdick knows all about temptation, and how powerful it can be. It’s why he is determined to teach his young men how to overcome it.
  • Advice, Please! • A dad’s plea for advice about what to do about his two sons.
  • A Man’s Touch • Doc examines Bill Parker and agrees to check his son, Mark’s plumbing. Dad is concerned because Marc is about to go off to college and has never shown any interest in girls. Maybe there is something wrong down there.
  • Just Doing My Errands • Dad is in for a surprise when he goes to pick up his son, Randall, from the gym. Randall’s still in the dressing room. But the guys at the counter tell him he can go in to find him.
  • Splitting Wood • Dad and Brad go over to Uncle Mack’s place to split wood. A lot of trees blew down at Mack’s place. While Mack chainsaws the logs, Dad and Brad swing their axes.
  • Getting Fired? • Peter is sure he is getting fired when he gets an enveloped in the mail from his boss. What else could be in that envelope after his boss caught Peter fooling around with his son?
  • Christmas 2006 • Dad is in the dog house. He caught arrested Christmas Eve for fooling around in the park john. His wife is pissed. How can he make it up to his son for ruining Christmas?
  • Sharing the Good Stuff • Reuben has a great friend in Jason. Jason has a steady supply of great weed. Best of all, Jason’s dad knows about it and is cool with it.

Artists used in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 8 are:

Josman, Ian Hanks, Roger, and Roscoe.

This is the download version. The printed version is no longer available.

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