Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 3


This download book contains 31 stimulating stories we posted on our original website from Nov 2001 to Nov 2002. 227 pages with art by Roscoe.


Review pages of Dad’s Bedtime Tales volume 3

Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 3 contains the stories we posted in the Dad’s Bedtime Tales section of our original website from November 30, 2001 through November 27, 2002.

Starting in November 2014, we put new stories in our weekly Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters.

Stories in Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 3 are:

  • Afternoon Lesson
  • Visiting My “Brother” Sam
  • Training Olaf part 3
  • Little-John
  • Pastor Marble’s Probing Tongue
  • The Mayor’s Son/li>
  • Grandpa’s Christmas Tree
  • Uncle Phil’s Basement
  • Trucker’s Morning Lesson
  • What Dad and His Friend Do
  • The Old Y
  • Dad Goes Birding
  • Guy in the Blue Swim Suit
  • Son’s Fever
  • Adventures in the Park
  • Taking My Nephew for a Ride
  • Why Sprickle Licks His Nuts
  • Pastor Lissom’s Advice
  • Senator Roodlong’s Office
  • My Older Brother Raymond
  • Dad Makes Me Take My Vitamins
  • Doing It in the Museum
  • Laundry Lesson for My Boys
  • Summer with Uncle Pete
  • Getting a Look at Dad’s Dick
  • My Twin Sons
  • My Nephews’ Butts
  • Uncle Seth Shows Me How
  • Fishing with My Two Sons
  • Picking Up Dad
  • Visiting Dad in Alaska

Artists used in Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 3 are:


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