Josman 2004


Josman 2004 is a collection of comics and art Josman made for Handjobs Magazine in 2004. Josman’s art never disappoints.

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Review pages of Josman 2004

Josman 2004 (download) is a collection of comics Josman created and stories he illustrated for Handjobs Magazine during 2004.

Stories in Josman 2004 are

  • Dad’s Toys part 1 & 2 • Divorced dad Marcus knows that his son, Lloyd, spies on him when he showers. Marcus does not mind. After all, teenagers are curious about their changing bodies. But Marcus is not aware that while he’s away at work, Lloyd plays with the toys his father keeps in the drawer next to his bed. Dildos and buttplugs that is. But Marcus comes home early one day and finds Lloyd cramming a toy up his butt.
  • The Plumber • Our son is thrown for a loop when the plumber shows up. The guy is to die for. And when he has to take a leak before working on the john, the plumber doesn’t wait until he’s all alone to whip it out.
  • Family Tradition 1, 2, & 3 • The Sullivan men drive to Blue Water Lake. It’s their tradition. Dad says while he and his son, Jake, drive up to the lake, “We Sullivan men know how to have a good time together.” They don’t wait to meet the other men. Along the way, they stop and have some fun of their own. Grandad waits for them to arrive at the lake. He’s on his fishing boat, wearing nothing at all. Jake, Dad, and Grandpa whoop it up in the cabin. The rest of the gang arrive. But they aren’t upset. They strip and join in the fun.
  • My Wild and Raunchy Son part 1 & 2 • The famous first two parts of Josman’s My Wild and Raunchy Son tale. When we first saw this tale, we knew we had to have Josman in Handjobs Magazine. In this epic tale, Jack Maguire ponders over these feelings he has. He feels trapped in his marriage. Over time he realizes he is gay and feels terrible abandoning his family when his son, Justin, is just four years old. But he can no longer live a lie. Years later, live takes an unexpected turn when Justin, now a fully grown young man, shows up at his doorstep.
  • Learning to Breed • Mr. Nickles is upset when he finds his daughter’s boyfriend handling her so clumsily. He takes it on himself to show the lad how to properly do it. This story initially appeared in Handjobs Bi Adventures V.
  • Dad Fixes and Itch • Dad is concerned when he discovers Ronnie in bed with a fever. Dad heard him whimpering and came in to investigate. So when Dad finds out that Ronnie’s butt itches, Dad knows how to fix that itch. This story was first published in Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 2
  • Fixing My Son’s Itch • Dad checks on Ronnie later. Ronnie’s room is quiet, but Dad remembers what Ronnie’s butt tasted like and the way his hard dick felt in his mouth. He sneaks in and asks, “Does it still itch?” This story was first published in Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 2

Josman 2004 is 94 pages of pure delight. If you enjoy this Josman collection, you’ll love Josman 2003