Handjobs Anthology-48

Handjobs Anthology-48 is here. This Anthology contains the stories from our January through June, 2012, issues of Handjobs. 320 plus pages of fun.

Anthology 48 review pages

Stories in Handjobs Anthology-48 are:

  • Ride’n the Zipper #12 by Alan Winkler
  • Meeting My Black Daddy by Brian Houlihan
  • Just Do Me by Joseph
  • Confessions of a Straight Man
  • The Perpetual Bachelor Cured
  • Is It Real?
  • Busted for Apples by Robin Walden
  • Open Throat by Jimmy Penn
  • Harrassment
  • Scout’s Honor
  • Roscooe Trucking Company #1 by Alan Winkler
  • Uncle Steve by Packer
  • Trimming the Bushes by Christopher Bachli
  • Dad’s Valentine Gift
  • Sweaty Shorts by Joseph
  • Camp 37
  • Meeting Pete by Jimmy Penn
  • The Decontamination
  • Crashing by Christopher Bachli
  • Roscooe Trucking Company #2 by Alan Winkler
  • Dodgeball Erection by Cory Campbell
  • The PUDman Cums
  • Cum Stain on the Ceiling by Jack Walden
  • Stud Brothers by Joseph
  • Family Business by Natty Soltesz
  • Out of Control
  • Confession of Another Straight Man
  • Drain the Poor Boy
  • Roscooe Trucking Company #3 by Alan Winkler
  • One Week Left by Christopher Bachli
  • Helping Hands by Kaharren
  • My African Brothers by Joseph
  • Trim by Willie Jenkins
  • Flexible Kid by Bruno B.
  • Stretching It
  • Uncle Luis’s Snake by Christopher Lee
  • Not a Pussy Boy
  • The Man from Bangor
  • German Waiter by Joseph
  • Rite of Passage
  • Generations by Gavin Rhodes
  • As Long As You Want
  • As Good As Gone
  • My New Muscle Buddy by Rick
  • Senator Stiff
  • Prison Guard Exam
  • Roscooe Trucking Company #4 by Alan Winkler
  • The Art Teacher by Bobby Joe
  • Dad Joins the Fun by Rick
  • Coming Home by Christopher Bachli
  • Raising Sons by Christopher Lee
  • The Secret Merit Badge by Jack Walden
  • Your Dad Does What?
  • Camping with Uncle Jasper by Robin Walden
  • Moving Day by Joseph

Artists used in Handjobs Anthology-48 are:

Lord Iron, Billy Thrash, Bruno B., Joseph, Michael Mitchell, Player, Roger, Roscoe, Valentine, and Walden.

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Lord Iron 3 is Here!

Sample pages from Lord Iron Vol 3

Lord Iron 3 – The Later Years is here! This is our third collection of Lord Iron’s illustrations. It covers the Lord Iron illustrations we published in Dad’s Bedtime Tales volumes 14 through 22, and in our Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters volumes 001 through 080. It is Lord Iron’s art we used from March 2011 to May of 2016 in our Dad’s Bedtime Tales stories.

Some of the stories the illustrations in Lord Iron 3 are from include:

  • Marine Son Comes Home – no words are needed to see the warm welcome the marine son gets when he comes home after a tour of duty.
  • Dad Answers My Question – a son’s questions get thoroughly answered in these illustrations
  • Dads, Keep Your Bedroom Door Closed! – an illustration warning what can happen when a dad leaves his bedroom door open
  • Thumbing It – you’ve never seen thumbs have this reaction
  • First Cummer – let your mind wander as to what this Lord Iron illustration depicts
  • The Bigger the Load – can a load get any bigger?
  • Manseed – male fertility perfectly illustrated
  • Dad’s Pride and Joy – what could fill a dad so full of pride and joy
  • It’s Your Duty to Teach Him – someone has to teach these lessons

It’s been a joy putting this collection together of sixty-three Lord Iron illustrations. We never tire looking at his illustrations, and we are sure neither will you. We are sure you will enjoy this third collection of Lord Iron’s art.

Lord Iron 3 is a download of 21.4 MB. You can buy it here.

Also check out Lord Iron vol 1 – The Early Years and Lord Iron vol 2 – The Mid Years.