Anthology 5


Handjobs Anthology 5 – fifty-five stories from our January through June 1994 issues of Handjobs Magazines along with great art by Roger, Frank, Legion, Nicolas Mann, Maxx, Don Rose, Rod Shows, and Ira Smith. ISBN 978-1-886458-23-9


Review pages of Handjobs Anthology 5

Handjobs Anthology 5 – The stories from our January through June 1994 issues of Handjobs Magazine. 194 pages of great fun.

Stories in Handjobs Anthology 5 are:

  • Late Comer by Kurt Hackett
  • Daddy’s Secret
  • Grandad’s Secret
  • My Mini-Model by Ben Wade
  • Florida Tales by J. Robert Handcock
  • Pirate Captive by Dan Paulson
  • The Baby Boy by Michael Erwin
  • Daddy’s Unexpected Lesson by David Russell
  • Doing Johnny by Grant Leeder
  • My First Car
  • Tony’s Cousin
  • Arkansas Daddy’s Lovers
  • Postal Mistake
  • Brotherly Love by David Russell
  • The Summer of ’74 by Catlin Gaylaird D’Evereaux
  • Boy in the Moving Van
  • The Flashlight
  • After Lunch Treat
  • Hotel Daddy by Jake Robertson
  • The Coach’s Field Trip by Ben Wade
  • War Torn by Danny Johns
  • Train Conductors’ Quarters
  • Train Seduction
  • Bi Confessions by Grant Leeder
  • So Hard by Rama
  • White Birch Wrestling Club
  • Boy Cheese
  • My Favorite Uncle by David Russell
  • Turn About is Fair Play by David Russell
  • My Beautiful Young Prince by Byrd Roberts
  • The Summer Job by John Ryan
  • Beach Play by Grant Leeder
  • Cowboy Stompin’ by Gil Darnel
  • Summer of ’45 part 1 by William
  • Summer of ’45 part 2 by William
  • Hiking Treat by Lee Bert
  • Coach Borcke – School Years by Sean Terrell
  • Coach Borcke – The Encounter by Sean Terrell
  • My Boy, Teddy by Ben Wade
  • Screwed At Home by Grant Leeder
  • Welcome To The Family
  • A Sign of Spring
  • Grandfather’s Bed by Nicolas
  • Used Rubbers
  • The Diary by Jorge Domingos
  • Uncle Preston part 1 by Michael Erwin
  • Uncle Preston part 2 by Michael Erwin
  • Country Store Daddy
  • My New Little Brother
  • Dad’s Night Visit
  • Wet, Slippery Rubber
  • Bare Crotch
  • Hans On by Don Rose
  • The Argument by Chip O’Block
  • One Long, Hot Australian Summer by Jack Mitchell

Artists used in Handjobs Anthology 5 are:

Roger, Frank, Legion, Nicolas Mann, Maxx, Don Rose, Ira Smith, and Rod Shows.

This is the download version. The printed version is sold out and no longer in print.