Anthology 14 Printed


Printed Handjobs Anthology 14 – thirty-seven stories from our late 1997 and early 1998 issues of Handjobs Magazines, along with artwork by Just A Buoy, Buck, Douglas, dv dickie, Frank, Ira Smith, Roger, and William Given. ISBN 978-1-886458-59-8


Review pages of Anthology 14

Printed Handjobs Anthology 14 – The stories from our late 1997 and early 1998 issues of Handjobs. 210 pages of great fun.

Stories in Handjobs Anthology 14 are:

  • My Uncle’s Bed by Mickey
  • Dad’s Discover by Mickey
  • Field Work by Donny
  • Snowed In by Randy
  • A Big Pleasant Surprise by Donald Rose
  • How I Learned by M. E. C.
  • Payton’s Place by J. S.
  • Blow-Job by Owen
  • After the Flood by Johnny
  • Romp in the Lake
  • Goin’ Home by Todd Flanders
  • The Model Cars by Jimmy & Frank
  • The Twins by J. D. Thompson
  • Focused On Dad by Peter
  • Dangerous by Peter
  • A Chance Encounter by David Russell
  • Janitor’s Pet by Lance Rush
  • Creamy Nephews
  • Interstate 40 West by J. D. Thompson
  • Trucker Dad by Phil Christian
  • Rodney’s Butt by Terry
  • My Asian Boys by David Russell
  • Brian’s Birthday Treat by Ian C.
  • Church Picnic Surprise
  • Cry Uncle
  • Foreign Exchange Student by M. Ellis
  • Little Uncle Kit by Edward Bangor
  • After the Soccer Match by Davy
  • Somebody Has To Do It by Leroy
  • Trucker Dad part 2 by Phil Christian
  • The Amarillo Arma-Dildos by J. D. Thompson
  • More Dangerous by Peter
  • The Room Over the Garage by K. E.
  • Florida Tales 3 by J. Robert Handcock
  • Family Reunion by Douglas
  • Seducing My Big Brother by Benny
  • Cry Uncle 2

Artists used in Handjobs Anthology 14 are:

Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn, Douglas, dv dickie, dv Frank, Ira Smith, Roger, and William Given.

This is the printed version. Please note that we mail printed books only to addresses in the USA. The printed version is here: download Handjobs Anthology 14.