Bi Adventures 1


Bi Adventures 1 – Fifteen bisexual tales with art by Roger, Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn, Rolando Mérida, William Given, Legion, and Rod Shows.


Bi Adventures 1 sample pages

Bi Adventures 1 – We published this in 1999. The printed version is sold out, but you can purchase this download version.

Stories in Bi Adventures 1 are:

  • Fun Loving Family by Ralph • Ralph thanks his lucky stars that he married a woman who loves cock.
  • Dad’s Word by Charlie • Charlie is in for a surprise when he visits his dad at work. He discovers his dad, his young secretary, Linda, and Don, one of the employees, having a whole lot of fun.
  • Nicky’s First Pussy by Peter O’Hara • Pete gets home from leave and finds his younger brother, Nicky, eager to see him. The two get up to having naked fun the way they used to. But they hear their father come home. When they look downstairs, they see that their father has brought home a girl who is unzipping his pants!
  • Two Bi Four • Coach Taylor catches his son, Garth, and Garth’s best buddy, making out with two girls. When he catches them, Garth has his juicy cock down his friend’s throat and not in one of the girls.
  • Servicing Mrs. Pearson by P.C. Howe • Tom tries to hide when he finds his co-worker, Doug, servicing buxom Mrs. Pearson while her husband watches.
  • Al by Carl • Carl comes unglued when he catches Al, his dad’s friend, screwing one of the co-eds from upstairs. Carl’s dreamed of doing it with Al, and he is mesmerized watching the hot man in action.
  • Dad and Joyce • Son spends every other weekend with Dad. The two have a lot of fun together, even getting out of their clothes and helping each other out. But one evening, Dad’s friend, Joyce, comes over. And Dad teaches his son a new way to have a lot of fun.
  • Science Experiment • Ben isn’t doing well in science class. It’s not that he isn’t smart. It’s that his lab partner, Danielle, is so hot, Ben can’t concentrate on the lessons. His teacher, Mr. Cherry, figures out what the boy’s problem is. But he has a solution.
  • Military Sex by Roy • Clint and Roy, army buddies, love sharing a girl. Things get wild when Clint’s younger brother, Ryan, catches them with a girl and joins in.
  • Who is Fucking Sis? by Robert • When Dad catches his son and daughter exporing each other’s naked bodies, he sees it is time to give them a lesson on how all that plumbing works.
  • Gold Rush by Teddy Benton • While making their way from Kentucky to California to try their luck in the Gold Rush, Teddy decides to take the edge off his dad. It’s a long way to California. But just because there are no women around, is no excuse to let their balls fill up. They strike gold in California and have some extra change in their pockets. They can afford to splurge on some gals so Dad and show Teddy how it is done.
  • My Wife’s Boss • Our hero isn’t sure what to think when he meets his boss’s wife for the first time, and notices that the boss is coming on to him.
  • Tony’s Home by Billie • When Billie goes outside to see what the dogs are barking at, he encounters handsome Tony, on his horse. The man is headed to Sheridan County to look for work. It’s just Billie and his mother at home, so he’s welcome to stay. Both Billie and his mother find Tony a welcome sight.
  • Daddy Teaches Scott and Meagan • The title says it all.
  • Sis and Bro by Paul Anderson • Shelly gets her younger brother, Paul, into a lot of trouble. And when she introduces Paul to her boyfriend, Jerry, well, Paul takes care of his needs even better than she can.


Art in Bi Adventures 1 is by Roger, Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn, Rolando Mérida, William Given, Legion, and Rod Shows.

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