Bi Adventures 2


Bi Adventures 2 – Fourteen bisexual tales with art by Michael Mitchell, Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn, Roger, & Rod Shows.


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Bi Adventures 2 – We published this in 2000. The printed version is sold out, but you can purchase this download version.

Stories in Bi Adventures 2 are:

  • First Time for Everything by Ron • Ron learns from trucker Ben that there is a first time for everything. There’s a first time to have a three way. A first time to shove his dick up a pussy. As well as a first time to get his ass plowed.
  • Learning at Home by Bryan Daniels • When Clint and Kayla find porn in their son’s bedroom, Kayla wants Clint to give him the talk. Clint says, “You want me to talk to him or you?” “Both. Or even better, we could both show him,” Kayla says.
  • Like Father Like Son • Drill sergeant Dad has a special surprise for his son when they see each other. Dad has a gorgeous young girl spread out naked in his hotel bed. All for his son. But son was about to tell Dad he’s gay. So what is he to do?
  • And for Dessert by Peter • The neighbor, Rosy, knows she had some bananas in the pantry to make desert. But when she can’t find them, the neighbors, Dad and Mike, offer to let her eat their own bananas.
  • One Night Only by Trevor J. Callahan, Jr. • Trevor has known he is gay his whole life. However, as he got older, he got more curious.
  • So You Like Watching, Huh? • Our boy thinks he is in a lot of trouble when the neighbor, Mr. Nelson, catches him and his two sons spying on his daughter. But Mr. Nelson is not the scary man our boy thinks he is.
  • The Feel of Troy • The Prom King finds himself in an awkward situation. Cousin Betty takes him along on her date with her boyfriend, Troy. Having another guy along doesn’t stop her from making out with her boyfriend.
  • The Family That Plays Together by N. R. de Harcourt • Todd discover he has lots of freedom at home to explore being himself. His parents let him be himself. As a result, when he grows into a strikingly handsome young man, he doesn’t have to leave home to explore his sexual feelings.
  • Bedroom Secrets • Live gets interesting when Uncle Brett moves in and Tyson and Henrietta have to share a bedroom.
  • My New Dad by Carl • After his parents divorce, his mom starts dating this Andy guy. However, when Mom and Andy get married, life takes a turn. Andy and his son, Lee, are nudists at heart.
  • Black and Beautiful by Scott Reed • Scott’s boyfriend, James, shocks him when he confesses that he and his rather stunning sister do it sometimes.
  • Sam’s Girlfriend • He might have a younger brother who likes sucking his cock. But that doesn’t Scott from getting a girlfriend. But are three really a crowd?
  • My Son Matt by Moss • Divorced Dad brings his son, Matt, home. Dad and son haven’t seen each other in years. It’s the first time Dad’s girlfriend, Maggie, has seen Matt. She is impressed with the young man.
  • A Special Birthday Surprise by R. J. • Son wants to give his dad something he’s always wanted. It’s Dad’s birthday and it’s now or never to make Dad happy.


Art in Bi Adventures 2 is by Michael Mitchell, Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn, Roger, and Rod Shows.

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