Bi Adventures 3


Bi Adventures 3 – 12 bisexual tales with art by Roger, Craig Esposito, Joseph, Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn, and Michael Mitchell.


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Bi Adventures 3 – We published this in 2002. The printed version is sold out, but you can purchase this download version.

Stories in Bi Adventures 3 are:

  • Welcome Home, Son by Jay Madden • Jeff comes home unexpectedly from baseball camp. But he is shocked when he encounters his parents making love. Shaking with anticipation and desire, he asks, “Is this a private party, or can I join in?”
  • Favorite Uncle • The teenagers are old enough to take care of themselves. But when their mother, Sylvia, goes away for the weekend, she’s grateful when Uncle Tony agrees to look out after them.
  • Nude Beach • Our horny nudist meets a young guy, Scottie, who loves fooling around with older guys. But when they get frisky at the beach, Scottie cries out. Scottie sees his dad making out with some blonde.
  • It’ll Make a Man Out of You by Brian • Brian doesn’t know what to expect at home. Since he’s been in boarding school a long time. However, Dad has a surprise that will make a man out of his son.
  • Unexpected Orgy by Kevin Green • Kevin’s dick is hard all the time. He works for three horny guys. However, when Kevin walks in on the three guys teasing Rita, the office gal, he finds himself in the middle of an unexpected orgy.
  • Me and Tim and Irene by Bobby Lee • His new convertible opens up many opportunities for Bobby. Hitchhiking guys and gals love it when Bobby picks them up.
  • The Doctor Will See You Now by Del S. • Del sprains his elbow. At the doctor’s office, Del gets a boner when the doctor and the gorgeous nurse attend to his injury. He is embarrassed. But the doctor soothes Del. The doctor says, “You needn’t be embarrassed in front of Sherry, Del. She’s a nurse. She knows all about what boys your age are like.”
  • I Fuck Them All by Big Al • Al and his wife Cora love to swing. And Al’s brother helps out. Especially when he comes over and finds Al’s big cock busy plumbing pussy.
  • Four Marine Lessons • Raymond comes home from the Marines for the first time. His younger brother, Steve, is excited to have his older brother back. What Steve doesn’t know is that Raymond has a lot to teach him.
  • A Day on the Porn Set • Corey quickly finds out that things aren’t always what they seem when he works on a porn set. Porn star, Dick Hardhammer, needs Corey’s help to get rock hard so he can drill his big cock in a pussy.
  • Tyler’s Aunts and Uncles • Gary and Tyler get a big surprise when they visit Tyler’s aunts and uncles at the family cabin by the lake in the mountains.


Art in Bi Adventures 3 is by Roger, Craig Esposito, Joseph, Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn, and Michael Mitchell.

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