Bi Adventures 4


Bi Adventures 4 – 14 bisexual tales with art by Roscoe, Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn, Michael Mitchell, Montana, and Roger.


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Bi Adventures 4 – We published this in 2003. The printed version is sold out, but you can purchase this download version.

Stories in Bi Adventures 4 are:

  • Brother, Sister, Brother by Jon Hold • Jason gets home late after football practice. Coach keeps him and a couple of other guys for a special body building class. Jason’s near perfect abs make him proud. But where is his younger brother? He’s not in their bedroom. And what is that slurping sound Jason hears coming from his sister’s bedroom?
  • Caught by a Cell Phone by Jay Madden • While Mom is away, the rest of the family has not been behaving.
  • The Picnic by Rob • Billy is not pleased about going on a stupid picnic with his parents. But it turns out to be a lesson he’ll never forget.
  • The Engagement by Big Al • John and Dad have a special thing going. Each morning, John sneaks off while his older brother, Stewart, sleeps. However, when the older brother’s fiance, Marta, discovers what John and Dad are doing, Stewart is grateful.
  • On the Job with Dad by Big Rick • Rick and Dad stay in a motel when they take a concrete job over in Easton. But when Tina learns they are staying in a motel, she insists they stay with them.
  • Family Bonding by Montana • Three families. Three special ways of bonding.
  • The Boy Out Back by Jon Hold • Our rancher takes in a young, lost soul, Gary. The young man requires plenty of discipline. Since he appreciates the rancher’s strong hand, when he has his girlfriend, Gina, stay over, they all share.
  • Rite of Manhood by Jake Robertson • Dad is happy that his son, Jake, starts going out with hot, Sarah. Dad says, “I bet she has a sweet, tight pussy, son. It’s going to feel real good when you slide your cock inside that wet hole.” So is Dad right?
  • The Summer of ’47 by G.S.G. • Gene likes doing chores for Uncle Howard. The man enjoys talking to Gene about guy things. But he warns his nephew, “Gene, don’t you tell your mother what us fellows talk about or what I let you do when you’re at my house.”
  • Ruby Red’s Place by Matt • Dad is the horniest guy Matt knows. One day Dad says, “It’s time you made a visit with me to see Ruby.” But when days go by and nothing happens, Matt thinks Dad has forgotten. However, when they are alone, and Matt starts playing with himself, Dad says, “Save it up, boy. Keep your hands out of your pants; we’re going to Ruby’s on Friday night.”
  • Family Vacation by Leon Coleman • A family that plays together has even more fun on vacation.
  • Dad’s New Tricks by Buster • Dad’s been in the state pen for three years. He is about to be released. Since he hasn’t had any for a long time, he’ll drill any hole he can lay his hands on.
  • Rachel and the Boys by Rick Horsmann • Just before her hot husband has to leave for a weekend business trip, Rachel insists he ravish her. She can’t wait all weekend for it. But their two sons get off watching Dad perform his stud services.
  • Mrs. Black’s Two Men by Jerry Walters • The widow next door, Mrs. Black, starts dating Evan. He’s friendly and treats Jer like a younger brother. When Jer hints that he likes guys, not gals, Evan doesn’t bat an eye. “You can like both, you know. I do.”


Art in Bi Adventures 4 is by Roscoe, Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn, Michael Mitchell, Montana, and Roger.

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