Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 455


Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 455 – The July 15, 2023, issue of DBTN. Five cum blasting stories with art dv dickie, Narov, and Shigeru.


DBTN 455 Review pages
Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 455, released July 15, 2023.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Naked Three Legged Race • Dad swats Buck’s butt when the boy slides down the banister and flies through the air. “How many times do I have to tell you that the banister is not a slide?” Dad yell. But Buck doesn’t care. Uncle Clive is here. And Buck hopes his uncle is going to take them to that beach with the naked men.
  • Cleave My Butt • When he goes to wake up his son so they don’t miss their plane flight, Dad happens to glance at his son’s diary. He wishes he had not. Because he reads how his son wants his father to cleave his butt and breed him.
  • Eyes Shut Tight • Delivering beer and spirits opens Francis’s eyes to another world. A gay bar with a dark, back room with a sling, the dungeon. His boss warns him, “This place is notorious,” Hank said. “If you ever end up here when you’re out partying, stay out of the dungeon.” But Francis has to see what kind of men go to that bar. The last man he expects to see lined up to enter the notorious gay bar, late at night, is his father.
  • Up Against a Homo • Piper warns his older brother, Trent, that a strong competitor at an upcoming swim meet is a homo. But does Trent care?
  • Extreme Stress Relief • When stress at work kills Dad’s back, he begs his son to bring his massage partner over to the house to relieve his stress.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 455 is by DV Dickie, Narov, and Shigeru.

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