Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 467


Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 467 – The October 7, 2023, issue of DBTN. Five dick drooling stories with art by Madakou, Master Bates, and Shigeru.


DBTN 467 Review pages
Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 467, released October 7, 2023. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during October.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Trigger • The variety of patients Rowan sees at his residency overwhelms him. But what vexes Rowan most is when patients get erections during examinations. But kind and wise Dr. Riis gives him good advice.
  • A Good One • The first thing to go when it is just dad and son living in the house is their modesty. Not only do they get used to seeing each other naked. They also enjoy pulling out good ones together.
  • The Thruster by Madakou • continued from DBTN 462, Dante and Robby obey The Thruster when he captures them naked and boning in the woods.
  • I Can Be a Bottom Dad • Bruce’s friends make fun of him having a boy toy. But young Gavin is hardly a boy toy. He’s a stud who needs a bottom dad. But Bruce discovers Gavin is so much more.
  • A Good Man for Me • Norman helps his father by working at his father’s district office. And when his father is home from the State Capitol, the district office gets busy. So when an injured vet comes in looking for services, Norman’s dad sees that the vet would be a good man for his son.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 467 is by Madakou, Master Bates,and Shigeru.

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