Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 1


Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 1. This download book is the first volume in our Dad’s Bedtime Tales series of books. 30+ stories. 227 pages. Great art. ISBN 978-1-886458-38-3


Review pages of Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 1

Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 1 – our first Dad’s Bedtime Tales volume. This contains the fist stories we posted in the Dad’s Bedtime Tales section of our original website. The stories we posted from December 26, 2000 through July 6, 2001.

Starting in November 2014, we put new stories in our weekly Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters.

Stories in Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 1 are:

  • On the Road with Uncle Willard and Dad
  • Kenny Learns How
  • Wrestling Boys
  • Laying Blocks
  • Grandpa to the Rescue
  • Swimming in the Buff
  • Window View
  • Physics Teacher
  • Farm Boy Learns How
  • Dr. Harding Examines My Boy
  • On the Fenger Farm
  • Falling Asleep on the Fenger Farm
  • Morning on the Fenger Farm
  • Dad Shocks Me
  • Years Ago … by Bill
  • Doctor Wendel Measures Me
  • Santa’s Exam
  • Grandpa and I Get Some Trees
  • Visiting My Cousins with Dad
  • Uncle Biff and Uncle Skip Catch Me
  • Playing with Dad’s Toys
  • Wanting a Little Brother
  • My First Taste of Cum
  • Trucker Dad
  • Grandpa’s Purple Heart
  • Dad Helps Me with My Homework
  • Uncle’s Wide Mouth
  • Uncle Harry Teaches Me How to Suck
  • Season Finale
  • Sniffing the Hard Way
  • The Doctor Needs to Know
  • Dad’s Birthday Gift

Artists used in Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 1 are:

Patrick Fillion, Roger, and Rolando Mérida.

This is a download publication. The printed version is sold out and not available.

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