Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Vol 19 Printed


This printed book contains 24 hot stories we posted on our original website from May 2013 to Apr 2014. 194 pages and art by Lord Iron, Bruno B., Player, Roger, and Roscoe.


Review pages of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 19

Dad’s Bedtime-Tales vol 19 contains the stories we posted in the Dad’s Bedtime Tales section of our original website from May 27, 2013 through April 2, 2014. This is the last Dad’s Bedtime Tales which we printed.

Please note that we can only ship this book to addresses in the USA.

Stories in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Volume 19 are:

  • Evidence
  • Exploring Dad’s Crack
  • Into the Showers, Young Man!
  • Dad Answers My Questions
  • Dad’s Workshop
  • Home Sauna
  • Think Our Dads Would Fuck?
  • God’s Special Purpose for Me
  • Zap! Zap!
  • Free Boy Pussy
  • Caring Dads
  • The Short and Tall of It
  • Want To Watch?
  • Jeremy, Religious?
  • Eye On the Gardener
  • Polishing Balls
  • History Is So Much Fun, Dad
  • Farm Tour Adventure
  • Johnny Be Good
  • 30 Million Miles
  • Tag-Along Toby
  • Cabin Sharing
  • On Top of Whitehorse
  • Watch Your Butt

Artists used Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 19 are:

Lord Iron, Bruno B., Player, Roger, Rolando Mérida, and Roscoe.

This is the printed version. You’ll find the download version here: Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 19

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