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Printed Bi Adventures 5 – 16 bisexual tales with art by Josman, Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn, Michael Mitchell, Rolando Mérida, and Roger.


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Bi Adventures 5 – We published this in 2004. This is the printed version. We can only mail it to addresses in the USA. You will find the download version here: Download version of Bi Adventures 5

Stories in Bi Adventures 5 are:

  • The Chaperone by Just A. Buoy with E. Rex. Shawn • While on a vacation in Venice, it takes just three hours before the brother and sister catch the attention of a hot, sexy gondolier.
  • Touching Down There • Trory feels sorry for Johnny. Trory’s girlfriend is hot and doesn’t wear panties when they date. But Jonny’s girlfriend is the reverend’s daughter, and he inspects here when she comes home from a date. The reverend makes sure his daughter stays a virgin.
  • Mom and Pete by JD • Kyle has the hots for his boss, Pete. But Kyle’s friends have the hots for his attractive mother. So who catches Pete’s eye?
  • The Graduation Party by Gordon Shepherd • When Dad overhears his son say to his twin sister, “I want to smell your cunt,” he doesn’t miss the chance to teach them a valuable lesson.
  • Boy! That’s My Wife! by Rob • Rob is taking it easy on the chaise lounge in the backyard, listening to music. Out of the blue, someone yanks his headphones out of his ears. “I hear that you’ve been fucking my wife while I’ve been away. Is that ture, boy?” Rob has a lot of explaining to do.
  • Learning to Breed • The other guys in school kid Carl ’cause he’s dating hot Martiva. “What’s her pussy like, Carl? How about you sharing her with us?” Carl laughs off their banter. He’s not worried about the other guys. He’s worried about Martiva’s dad, Mr. Nickles. He’s an experienced fighter with a broad chest and massive arms. Someone Carl is not about to displease.
  • Bye-Bi Virginity by Dan, Jr. • Tragedy means Dan and his siblings grow up with their mother. Dad, a master electrician, sleeps in the bedroom across the hall. You just can’t help but admire his flattop haircurt and strong handsoe mug, riding on top of a powerhouse of fur-covered beefy muscles. Oh, and you can’t forget that big, fat, uncut cock of his.
  • My Son the Cowboy by Jon Hold • Dad isn’t too upset when his son, Holly, tells him that he’s gay. What he isn’t counting on is that his brother, Sam, has told Holly, “Your dad is a real horn-dog. Get his dick in your outh and he won’t be able to say, ‘Don’t.”
  • Joel and I Get Fucked by Big Al • Alex knows Dad and Uncle Will are having fun with his sister, Janice. But his ears burn when he hears Uncle Will say to Dad, “John, we’ve both fucked your wife and Janice, so what do you say? Is it time we fucked our boys?”
  • The Oilman Makes a Delivery by Buddy P. • Buddy gets the oil delivery man to plug his butt. But two turns to three when the woman at the house they are at opens the door and wants to join in.
  • Ruby Red’s House of Pleasure by Matt • Dad and son are regular visitors to Ruby Red’s House of Pleasure. But Dad kicks things up a notch by getting his other son to join in the fun.
  • Brother Love and More by Jillie • Sis blackmails her hung brother into doing her and her friend, Kathy.
  • Ingrid, Jerry and Me by Gordon Shepherd • While washing out his older brother, Jerry’s car, he discovers cum stains. He questions Jerry if he is doing Ingrid, Jerry’s girlfriend? Todd isn’t expecting his older brother’s reply, “Yeah, as a matter of fact, we do fuck. In fact, Ingrid asked if maybe you’d like to join us some time.”
  • Bangin’ Brother Hale by Jon Hold • Jon is richly rewarded when he discovers that his new wife enjoys having another man in bed with them.
  • Way to End the Week by Rick Horsmann • Being married to a woman and having two kids doesn’t stop Mr. Riley from admiring his junior associate, Stan.
  • French Tickler by Kurt Norris • Kurt’s trip to Paris turns into an adventure when he sits next to a table of with two frenchmen and a woman.


Art in Bi Adventures 5 is by Josman, Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn, Michael Mitchell, Rolando Mérida, and Roger.

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