Rolando 2010


Rolando 2010 is a collection of his comics in the 2010 issues of Handjobs Magazine, and illustrated stories from the 2010 Dad’s Bedtime Tales.

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Rolando 2010 review pages

Rolando 2010 is the collection of Rolando Mérida’s work from the 2010 issues of Handjobs Magazine and Dad’s Bedtime Tales. Stories in this collection are:

Stories From Handjobs Magazine

  • Max’s Bookstore • Raymond had always had a crush on the hunky Max, owner of a local bookstore. He was handsome and nice, but he never seemed to notice Ray, who didn’t read much. Or so it seemed.
  • Testing Bobby • Bobby worries that his classmates might break right about him, that he doesn’t like chicks. Bobby confides his worries to Coach, who says, “Really? If you let me, I can help.” How is Coach going to help Bobby?
  • My Neighbor’s Hole • The neighbor finds the kid next door annoying. Why is the kid always staring at him? Why does he spy on him through the hole in the fence when he’s pleasuring himself in the hammock? What can he do about? The answer is in Rolando 2010.
  • Sweaty Dady 1 & 2 • Cousins Rick and Charly don’t know what to do. They thought they had rented “Big-Breasted Chicks In Heat” but what they saw was some film about guys joking about ten hard inches and what they would do with it. The reason the cousins are confused is that they are both so hard after watching the DVD.
  • Coaching Tommy 1 & 2 • Richard knows something is off with his stepson, Tommy, when Tommy tells Rosa that he left home early for a special gymnastic test. But Richard knows Tommy isn’t failing gymnastics. He rushes off to school to see what Tommy is doing, and is not prepared when he sees that Tommy and his Coach are up to no good.
  • Peter, Joey & Buster • Peter and Joey enjoy playing together. Peter’s mentioned to Joey that he has another friend who likes to play too. But Joey is surprised when Peter invites Buster over so the three can play together, and Joey sees that Buster is so much older than Peter and Joey.
  • Aged Salami • Our pizza delivery boy does not like delivering pizzas to Mr. Banks. The man is nothing but muscles and only wears a jockstrap.
  • Doctor Dick & Family Doctor • Kyle tells his doctor that he’s very worried about something. “You gotta see it for yourself. Ready?” Kyle says as he takes off his clothes. He has to bend over for the doctor to examine what he is worried about. But what is making Kyle worry so much?
  • Christmas Surprise
  • Our hot Santa walks up to the new neighbor’s apartment on Christmas Eve to give him his surprise. But when he walks into the young man’s bedroom, he discovers he is not the only Santa there to treat the young man.

Illustrated Stories From Dad’s Bedtime Tales

  • Up In the Barn • When his dad’s work takes the family to rural Ohio, Dillon makes friend with Rudy, a farm boy who becomes Dillon’s best friend. Dillon has great times with Rudy, and his dad too
  • Back In the Barn • Years have passed since Dillon lived in Ohio and played with Rudy. When he finds himself in the area again for a conference, Dillon drives back to Rudy’s farm to see if he and his dad are still there.
  • The Visit • Nick thinks his dad is nuts when he talks about a friend visiting from the old country? What old country? His dad’s family have been in the country for generations. Well, Nick sure isn’t upset when he meets Idzi, his dad’s special friend.


Rolando 2010 is 106 pages, 40 MB.