Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 300

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 300, released July 25, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during July 2020.

Stories in DBTN 300

  • None of My Business • Dad is curious why his neighbor, Peter, gets deliveries from UPS, Fedex, and DHL all the time. Some days all three delivery services make deliveries at the same time. Dad thinks that it’s none of his business, until his son, Luke, gets a job at UPS and starts making deliveries to the neighbor too.
  • Are You Using This • Opps, when his wife asks him if he is using her Albolene Creme, Dad knows who is. He showed his son, Niles, that the stuff makes great jack off lube. He wasn’t expecting Niles to use so much. Dad wonders why his son is using so much when just a dab will do. What does he find out? Read DBTN 300 to find out.
  • See Something You Like, Laddy? • Alvin was hoping to have the train compartment all to himself. But, when the train leaves the station, a portly, old man makes himself at home in Alvin’s compartment. In the mountains, the train slows down for workers working on the rail bed. Alvin is tickled when he sees a worker taking a piss. Alvin’s eyes light up when the worker turns and flashes the passengers on the train. The old man sees the delight in Alvin’s eyes. So he learns toward Alvin and asks, “Did you see something you liked, laddy?”
  • Lost In Translation • Grandpa texts his two grandsons that he’s got ripe peaches and eggplants. But instead of using words, he uses emojis for the peaches and eggplants. The two grandsons see the eggplant and peach emojis as an invitation to go see Grandpa for some fun.
  • The Spires • Bryce is fascinated with the climber who shows up to stay at the lodge. He’s not like the other hikers. He has almost no gear. Dad thinks it might be that fantom climber who shows up unannounced and scales cliffs with his bare hands and feet. Bryce catches the climber leaving the lodge before dawn. He follows him to the base of The Spires, towering spears of rock reaching up into the clouds. He is in awe when the nimble climber scales the cliffs with no equipment. Bryce is more in awe when the climber descends with a big smile, and a bigger basket.

Art in DBTN 300

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 300 is by Shigeru, Master Bates, and DV Dickie.

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 262

We released Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 262 on November 2, 2019. If you are a subscriber, you’ll find it in your My-Account page. New subscriptions ordered during October will include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Damn Paper Boy
  • I Wonder Where He’s Going
  • Cleaning David by Madakou
  • Sharper Than Any Razor
  • No Warning
Artwork in the issue is by Rolando Mérida, Master Bates, and Madakou.

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