After School Jerk Off in Handjobs Anthology 28

After School Jerk Off in Handjobs Anthology 28

After School Jerk Off is just one of the many great stories in Handjobs Anthology 28.

Dad worries about his son, Paul. His son took the divorce hard. His mother pretty much just up and left the two. Paul got depressed. He fell behind in his school work. And even ended up being held back a year. But he eventually pulled himself together to the point where he enjoyed school again.

So when Paul asks his dad if he can have his friends Harold and Duane over after school to hang out, Dad agrees. Though he knows the only reason they want to hang out at their place is because he doesn’t get home until late. So the boys have the place to themselves. But they are all good kids, so what could go wrong?

It isn’t long before their house is the place for Paul and his buddies to hang out after school. They get to enjoy hours alone without any parents telling them to behave.

But Dad gets suspicious. Paul and his buddies have a secret. He can tell by the way the boys look at each other and grin when Dad gets home. So Dad comes home early on Wednesday afternoon to discover what the boys are keeping from him. What he finds shocks him.

Read After School Jerk Off in Handjobs Anthology 28, to find out what shocked Dad. And read all the other fun stories from our mid to late 2002 Handjobs Magazine issues in this great anthology.

Hot Buns is coming March 11

Hot buns - In the sauna, Dad checks out his son’s hot buns.

Hot Buns is coming March 11, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 437.

Sam finds it amusing that his business partner, Tom, found the out of the way bistro in the alley when he went after a guy with hot buns. As Tom explains it, “I saw this guy with the cutest buns turn into this alley and I followed him.”

“And you saw this line outside the bistro and had to try it out?” Sam says.

“Oh, better than that. Those buns belong to a cute waiter who works here,” Tom says.

They wait twenty minutes to get inside. After getting a table, the two look over the menus. And just as Sam decides what he wants, he hears a familiar voice call out, “Ready to order, sir?”

Sam turns and to his surprise, the waiter with the hot buns that Tom wants to seduce, is Sam’s son, Adrian.

Sam stays cool. He doesn’t tell Tom that the waiter with the hot buns is his son. Even when Tom says, “Can you imagine wedging your dick between those buns? Talk about a squeeze. His buns are so tight he could lock your dick between them. Imagine being that guy’s dad. If I had a son like that, I couldn’t keep my hands off his butt, could you?”

So can Sam keep his hands off his son’s hot buns? Read Hot Buns in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 437, coming March 11, 2023, to find out.

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 436

DBTN 436 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 436, released March 4, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in March 2023 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • It’s What My Doctor Wants • When Massimo asks Dr. Lee, “So how do I prevent this from happening again?” Dr. Lee says, “A really good way to keep this from recurring is to go naked as much as possible.” Massimo just got rid of a persistent jock itch. He’s surprised by Dr. Lee’s suggestion. But what will his son think about him going naked around the house?
  • The Manhole • It’s late. He and his son are famished from working hard all day. He could go home and scrounge up something for them to eat. Or, he could take his son to the Manhole.
  • Post Workout Part 2 by Madakou • continued from DBTN 431 Wesley tricks his younger brother into believing that Wesley and Dad are having sex in the shower. But is it a trick?
  • Can’t Say No to That Smile • When Knut retires, his boss asks, “Knut, we need you. What can we do to keep you on?” So Knut says, “Double my salary.” Well, his boss doesn’t need him that much. So Knut retires and discovers that volunteering in the park is a great place to meet guys.
  • Trusting Wonderman Jeans • A long time ago, in Nebraska, a Mr. Wonderman had three endowed sons. And he needed jeans to keep his son’s modest during school. So he invented Wonderman jeans. Jeans a vigorous teen boy can wear, get an erection, and keep his erection hidden. So Dad wonders if Wonderman jeans will work for his son, Dedi, who has persistent boners.

Artists in DBTN 436

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 436 is by Madakou and Shigeru.