Special Surprise 2 is Coming May 6

Special surprise - sons Johnny and Jamie catch Dad off guard.

Special Surprise part 2 by Madakou is coming May 6 in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 445.

Dad discovers his sons, Johnny and Jamie, going through his things. He finds it amusing. But Johnny and Jamie surprise Dad when they blindfold him and stuff his mouth with a gag.

“Shut up, Dad! You don’t have permission to speak!” they say.

Oh, oh! Dad is in trouble now. But what can he do? He is no match for them. Not when he is bound and gagged! And his sons strip him naked!

What would you do if your sons turned on you like that? Would you consider that a special surprise?

Dad can’t see what his two sons are doing. They strip him naked and chain him against brick wall. And one of them kisses him. One of them sucks on his cock. But where do they put his dick next? Is that a butt hole he feels against the tip of his cock? Is that the inside of a tight ass stretching around his throbbing, pulsating, baby making cock? Damn it! Dad can’t stop …

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