Coming April 2 – I Can Handle ’Em

Coming April 2, 2022, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 388, I Can Handle ’Em.

When Gordon mentions he hasn’t found anyone to look after his son, Fergus, for the two weeks he has to travel, Sandun offers to let Fergus stay with him.

Gordon warns Sandun that his son has an independent streak. “I can’t get Fergus to listen to a word I say,” he gripes.

“He’s a teenager. What do you expect?” Sandun tells Gordon with a laugh. “Do you think Manil does a thing I tell him to? Do you think he thinks I have anything worthwhile to tell him?”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Gordon says.

So on his way to the airport, Gordon drops off his son, Fegus, with Sandun. He leaves in a hurry before Sandun can change his mind.

Sandun isn’t bothered one bit having another teenager to mind. In no time Fergus and Sandun’s son, Manil, are in Manil’s bedroom, playing like old friends.

Sandun enjoys a quiet morning on the patio soaking in the sun. But when he goes inside to shower, the two boys make hardly any sound. He makes his way to the shower, but stops when he walks by his son’s bedroom. The door is wide open. The two teenagers are naked, on Manil’s bed. And Fergus is showing Manil how wonderful it is to have a tongue in your butthole!

Can Sandun really handle two, horny teenage boys for two whole weeks?

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