Coming Saturday May 22 – Just Ten Minutes

Coming Saturday May 22

Coming Saturday May 22. Seth isn’t the sports enthusiast Dad is. Seth doesn’t have Dad’s ripped body. He doesn’t want to lift three hundred pounds of weights, do two hundred pushups in a row, run twenty miles, swim ten miles, and bicycle a hundred miles, all before lunch like Dad does.

However, Seth is like his dad between his legs. At his old school the other classmates called him “Schlong,” or, “Tripod,” or said, “Seth doesn’t need a bat. He’s got one between his legs.”

So at his new school, Seth stays away from gym class. He never uses the locker room or showers. He dresses so his anatomy doesn’t show.

But one morning when Seth stumbles into the kitchen for breakfast, Dad is waiting for him. “How about we go for a spin?” Dad says. “Come on, just ten minutes,” Dad pleads.

Seth groans but gives in. He follows Dad to the garage where Dad has his home gym. Dad has several stationery bikes set up so they can spin. At first, Seth isn’t impressed. But the more they pedal, the more Seth enjoys it. Just how much does Seth enjoy it? Subscribe to Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter and you’ll be the first to find out when we release Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 343 this coming Saturday, May 22.