Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 320

DBTN 320 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 320, released December 12, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during December 2020.

Stories in DBTN 320

  • Morning Dad, Night Son • Now that it’s just dad and son living alone, will their cycles sync? Dad likes to relieve the pressure in his balls every morning. But son is a night guy. That’s when he shoots his load. So, will this change?
  • Spying on My Brother • Seth is sure his brother, Zack, is a secret spy. But he doesn’t have proof. And Zack keeps his lips zipped. But one day, Seth sees Zack in disguise in a restaurant. Zack is disguised as a fifty year old German businessman. But Seth is sure it’s his brother because of the small birthmark on the back of his neck. So when Zack goes to the bathroom, Seth follows him to check him out. Seth knows that if he can get a glimpse of Zack’s thing, he’ll know for sure. So is he lucky? Read Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 320 to find out.
  • Stuffing Ricky • Our neighbor knows better than to barge into cute Ricky’s apartment without knocking. He learned his lesson years ago when he barged into his dad’s office without knocking. Dad had his trousers down around his ankles and was doing it. “Knock before you open a door, boy!” Dad yelled. Still, entering Ricky’s apartment without knocking still is tempting.
  • What the Hell, Dad? • Tracey is frustrated when Sheriff Campbell calls him after midnight. They picked Dad up … again. “Mr. Hannover doesn’t want to press charges,” Sheriff Campbell says. Press charges? What the hell has Dad done now?
  • Fishing with Uncle Phil • Bud makes the mistake of looking for Uncle Phil when his aunt calls and tells Bud to find him. He finds Uncle Phil. He’s over screwing the neighbor woman. Well, Uncle Phil is pissed. He storms back home with blue balls. So who is going to take care of him now?

Art in DBTN 320

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 320 is by Rolando, Master Bates, and Shigeru.

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