Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 462

DBTN 462 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 462, released September 2, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in September 2023 include this issue.

  • Someone’s Lucky • While golfing, Roger looks over the late at the secluded house on a peninsula. “Someone’s lucky,” he says to himself. Little does he know that the hung dad living in that secluded house will make Roger very lucky too.
  • Ripe for Plucking • Grandpa loves fall. His favorite grocery store hires new, innocent students each fall to work the checkout stands. And he spots one ripe for the plucking.
  • The Thruster by Madakou • When Robby sneaks off into the woods to take a piss, Dante follows him. Away from the others, he wants to have some fun with Robby. But what about the monster lurking in the shadows?
  • Cold Beer and Good Grub • A forest fire sends Clifford on a long detour. Along the way he finds a bar advertising beer and food, just what he needs. But he encounters a friendly dad, Norm. And when they share photos of their sons, the two discover they have a lot in common.
  • Dad, It’s Not What You Think • Todd is curious why his dad is coming out of the house where two gay guys live. Todd sees that when he is studying at Royce’s place. So Todd figures out a way to do chores for those gay guys. And he gets so friendly with them, that the older one, Chasten, discovers Todd is a virgin. So he invites a friend over to pop Todd’s cherry. But the friend turns out to be …

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 462 is by Madakou, dv dickie and Master Bates.