Anthology 16 Printed


Printed Handjobs Anthology 16 – thirty-nine stories from our mid 1998 issues of Handjobs Magazines, along with art by Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn Mark, Boyrotica, Douglas, Frank, Ira Smith, Nicolas Mann, Rod Shows, Roger, and Tom Banks. ISBN 978-1-886458-60-4.


Review pages of Handjobs Anthology 16

Printed Handjobs Anthology 16 – The stories from our our mid 1998 issues of Handjobs. 210 pages of great fun.

Stories in Handjobs Anthology 16 are:

  • The Continuing Saga of Travis, His Dad and His Uncle by Mark
  • A Letter to Grandpa by Terry Lawson
  • Cousin Recalls by Gil L. Darnel
  • Max the Bull by Bill K.
  • Flop It, Pull It, Pump It
  • Timmy’s Jamaican Vacation by Tom Banks
  • Farm Butt Tale by Dan
  • Having Two Dads by Peter
  • Living on the Farm
  • River Beach
  • Florida Tales 3 – More Solo Trip by J. Robert Handcock
  • Daughter-In-Law’s Fiancé
  • First Time Cowboys
  • Munching on Anthony by Coach Chuck
  • Uncle Tony by Morrison
  • High in the Sky by Glen Lee
  • It’s Time to Shuck It All Off!
  • Just Next Door by Mark George
  • Daddy’s Fantasy by Peter
  • Tom’s New Adventure by Bob
  • New Boys in the Cellblock by Tom Banks
  • Prison Harem by Tom Banks
  • Dinner with the Coach by Eric James
  • A True Experience by Anonymous
  • Dad’s Jack Off Party
  • Damp Daddy
  • Show Us What You’ve Got!
  • My Daddy Ad by Peter
  • Grandpa Gossip
  • Navy Brother Comes Home by Milton
  • Construction Worker by Ryan
  • Construction Site by Ryan
  • Carving Pumpkins by Dave
  • But, He’s My Dad! by Jimmy
  • Between Greg’s Legs by Sanchez
  • Between Greg’s Legs part 2 by Sanchez
  • Party Favor by Rick
  • Curious Knucklehead Twins
  • Father Meri’s Dad

Artists used in Handjobs Anthology 16 are:

Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn, Boyrotica, Douglas, Frank, Ira Smith, Mark, Nicolas Mann, Rod Shows, Roger, and Tom Banks.

This is the printed version. Please note that we mail printed books only to addresses in the USA. The download version is here: download Handjobs Anthology 16.