Anthology 29


Handjobs Anthology 29 – thirty-one stories from our late 2002 and early 2003 issues of Handjobs Magazines, along with artwork. ISBN 978-1-886458-94-9.


Handjobs Anthology 29 review pages

Handjobs Anthology 29 – The stories from our late 2002 and early 2003 issues of Handjobs. 194 pages of pleasure.

Stories in Handjobs Anthology 29 are:

  • Camp Woodpecker by Robin Banks
  • Lie by John Tyndall
  • Sacred Staff Monastery
  • Chad’s Open-Door Policy by Ben
  • Rest Stop Adventure by Jay Madden
  • The Cellar by The Falcon
  • Dr. Bumfoin Feeds His Son by Oscar
  • Santa’s Cumming by Mark
  • Home for the Holidays
  • Tommy Was a Slut by Jon Hold
  • Tommy Opens Up by Jon Hold
  • Tommy the Sailors’ Friend by Jon Hold
  • Tommy the Sailor’s Son by Jon Hold
  • Bobby and the Grave Digger by Gene Richards
  • Full Service by John Tyndall
  • Falling in Love by Darrin
  • New Year’s Surprise
  • Handicapped Access by Dan Yankee
  • A Boy’s Education by Jimbo
  • Big Boy by MEC
  • Alex and the Auto Mechanic by Gene Richards
  • Snow Camping
  • Jailbird by Uncle Kent and Uncle Rich
  • Becoming a Man by Jake Robertson
  • Dad Discovered by Ray Marlen
  • A Close Shave by Robin Banks
  • Getting In On It by Timmy
  • Spike by Buddy
  • My Father and My Son by Big Al
  • What Will I Tell My Wife by Joe Ward
  • Twice Plumbed by Robin Walden

Artists used in Handjobs Anthology 29 are:

Michael Mitchell, Joseph, Roscoe, William Given, Valentine, Craig Esposito, Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn, Roger, J.W., and Walden.

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