Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 279


Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 279, released February 29, 2020. Five great stories and art by Rolando Mérida and Shigeru.


Sample pages of Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 279

Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 279, released February 29, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during February 2020. Stories in this issue are:

  • Jun Is In Trouble • Chao is upset. His husband, Dave, the principal of Ballmore High, comes home and tells Chao that his nephew, Jun, is in trouble. Read DBTN 279 to find out how Chao and his husband rescue Jun.
  • Diva Across the Hall • Dustmop’s loves spying at the other apartment residents at night through the keyhole. The apartment building comes alive after midnight with guys in leather, whores, or as his mother calls them, “hoors”. But Dustmop doesn’t know what to make of the gorgeous movie star who sneaks into his grandfather’s apartment across the hallway in the middle of the night. Who is she? Get DBTN 279 and find out.
  • Uncles Bob and Bob • Nathaniel smiles when he visits hunky Uncle Bob and finds him sprawled out without any clothes on. But what about Nathaniel’s other Uncle Bob? Where is he?
  • The Power Is Out • Andy is sure Dad is preparing for a date when he gets home and finds the house filled with lit candles. But, Dad doesn’t have a boyfriend coming over. The power is out, so Dad’s got candles burning everywhere.
  • Big Daddy’s Hot Dog • Brothers Brent and Holder return to the small town farmers market to look for the hot guy at Big Daddy’s Hot Dog. But the farmers market is packed. Big Daddy and his son are too busy servicing customers for either of them to play with the brothers. Or are they?


Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 279 is by Rolando Mérida and Shigeru.

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