Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 287


Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 287, released April 25, 2020. Five great stories and art by Shigeru, Narov, and Michael Mitchell.


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Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 287, released April 25, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during April 2020. Stories in this issue are:

  • Look At You Ronny • Ronny is in for a jaw dropping surprise when he goes looking for Coach Hansen. All the other guys on the team are asleep on the bus when Ronny wakes up and sees the bus is stopped in the middle of nowhere. But where is Coach Hansen? And why is the bus driver giving Ronny that grin?
  • High County Sketches • For a brief time between spring and summer, hiking into Hidden Valley is nearly impossible. Which is why our adventurous hiker loves going there. With almost no one around, he can hike naked and soak in the high country sunshine. So he’s a bit annoyed when a dad and son show up at his favorite spot and set up their tent. But he isn’t disappointed for long. Read DBTN 287 to find out why.
  • Son of Sweden Does Windows • Dad thinks he has all the bases covered. He’s made sure that his son’s bedroom window curtains are shut before the hot window cleaner shows up to wash all the windows. Little does Dad realize why the window washer is up washing his son’s windows so long before it is too late.
  • Two Uncles and a Nephew • Uncles Allen and Sandy hook up often after their nephew, Jeff’s wedding to cute Westin. They get off picturing what the two newlyweds are up to. A family reunion provides the uncles a chance to find out.
  • Big Foot Needs a Tight Hole • A gruff customer with big feet shows up at the shoe store looking for Moe. He’s disappointed to find out Moe has retired. But Moe’s nephew is working there now. Maybe the nephew will offer the customer service his uncle did.


Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 287 is by Shigeru, Narov, and Michael Mitchell.

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