Rolando 2011


Rolando 2011 is a collection of his comics in the 2011 issues of Handjobs Magazine.


Rolando 2011 review pages

Rolando 2011 is the collection of Rolando Mérida’s work from the 2011 issues of Handjobs Magazine.

Stories in Rolando 2011

  • When Jess Said “Yes” to Me • Jess is pretty sure that his girlfriend’s younger brother wants to see him naked. When the boy comes looking for his sister and finds Jess all alone, Jess confronts him. “OK, little brother-in-law. I’ve noticed you staring at me all the time. Is this what you want? To see me naked, or what?
  • Lucky Trucker • Taylor, a burly trucker, gets lucky when he follows a sweat, blond youngster into the bathroom at the diner. He sees that the young man is not pissing at the urinal. He’s doing something else.
  • Spring Therapy • Oscar introduces himself to the others at group therapy. “My Dad made me come here ’cause I masturbate too much.”
  • Truck Stop • Chino’s stepdad, Ruben, catches his stepson getting fucked in the restroom of his diner. Fortunately, Ruben is a forgiving man, and very, very horny too. He knows exactly what to do about it.
  • The New Cell Mate • Hauled in for running through a red light, the naive boy is an easy target for a wise, old prisoner. But will the old guy really protect the boy’s butt from the other prisoners?
  • The Teacher’s Secret • Why is Mr. Bigss always telling Randy to see him after class? How is he able to pass his tests? Something odd is going on. You’ll find the answer in Rolando 2011.
  • Black Horse • Curtis has to walk to get to his horse riding class with Zack. But he’s not going to be riding any horse. Zack has something else for Curtis to ride, something thick, long, and hard.
  • Hard at Work part 1 & 2 • Mitch, the foreman’s nephew, shows up at the construction site to get a job. But by the time the foreman arrives, Mitch is naked, on his back, with loads from other beefy construction workers all over him. What is the foreman going to do?
  • The Grocery Story • Josey is terrified when his boss, the grocery store owner, says, “You really thought I wouldn’t notice it, boy?” Josey wants to explain, but his boss doesn’t give him a chance to say much. He stuffs Josey’s mouth and keeps him from talking.
  • Gym Sweat • Our little gym rat can’t stop ogling Trent, a hot stud who works out at the gym next door. When the boy asks Trent,“Does it hurt?” Trent tells him, “Of course not. Every time I’ve fucked an ass, it’s never hurt me!”
  • Christmas Wish • When Aaron tells his daddy that they can’t see each other. Aaron’s girlfriend is jealous. But Aaron just can’t say no to a last romp in the hay.


Rolando 2011 is 88 pages, 39.4 MB.

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