Thar He Blows by Valentine


Thar He Blows by Valentine – Three adventures on the high seas. Pirates, a boy overboard, a Viking boy learning to become a man.


Thar He Blows

Thar He Blows by Valentine, published in 2001, contains three tales on the high seas.

Tales in this book are

Abducted • Sailin’ out o’ a full moon, the pirate ship Boucher Mon Cut surprises the piss out o’ the English man-o-war that Shanghaied Boyo and his friend Mick. The Frenchies hadn’t captured a prize in so long that they plumb wore out their clothes and their previous captives both. Before long they strip sailors they capture naked too.

Boy Overboard • Rich, spoiled boy, Harvey’s mother is angry when his school expels him. She sends him off to Europe on an ocean liner. Harvey’s Dad waits for him in Europe, to give him proper discipline. However, Harvey falls overboard. A group of naked fishermen rescue him. They alert the Coast Guard within minutes that they rescued the boy. But because he isn’t hurt and a storm is brewing, the Coast Guard lets the fishermen keep the boy. Well, the randy fishermen know what to do with a rich, spoiled lad’s mouth and butt. So does his dad, eventually, when he arrives on a helicopter to rescue his naked son. Read Thar He Blows to learn all the details.

Leif the Viking Boy • Leif waits an extra two years to become a man. Two years ago he had a fever and couldn’t go to sea with his father. He’s waited for him to return ever since. But late in the night, he hears men chanting. It’s his father. He’s come to take Leif to sea and make a man out of him yet.


This book was ublished in 2001.

The ISBN is 1-886548-33-2.

Thar He Blows by Valentine is 84 pages.

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